Zombify with Dirty Arrow

Okay so hear me out, but stop me if it’s been suggested. So in this world there are walkers but we never turn into them. How about Specialist Zombify with AR Dirty Arrow. Whoever it hits with dirty arrow, if that toon dies then they turn into a walker and attack their own team until/unless they’re killed off by their own player. If the reanimated toon kills a fellow toon they too turn. So your opponent will have to kill you and neutralize the zombie before their team collapses.


That would be cool, but I think it should be like confuse to even things out, where there’s a chance for them to attack you also rather than just their own teammates.


Interesting idea ! Turning fellow teammates too may be a bit much. I’d imagine more of a toon with an AR like “Poisonous shot” and a spec. skill like “Clumsy”, “if that toon delivers the final hit, the target comes back as a walker and attack other characters randomly”. That way it’s between decapitate (the toon can’t be revived) and confuse (random attacks).


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