Zombie games to play?

I love everything zombies! Only reason im still playing this game. So anyone have any recommendations of fun non pay to win non rng zombie games that actually require skill to play and the only way to get good is actually by playing the game and learning the mechanics? Shots fired but seriously, i need some more zombie games in my life. I have mini dayz and call of duty zombies. Let me know of any good zombie games please


U can give csgo zombies a try. Its pvp. Everyone starts as a human, then after a few minutes, people are randomly respawned as zombies. Theres 2 modes. Zombie Escape (ZE) and Zombie Mod/Massacre (ZM). ZE requires humans to get from point A to point B. ZM requires humans to survive for an amount of time. Its pretty fun, theres a bunch of servers you can join, some noob friendly, others not so much.

Played that actually, its pretty fun

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There are some great zombie survival games, i myself have played 7 Days to Die alot, it’s a game that seems to be stuck in Alpha forener, but there are some great modpacks for it like Starvation and so on. And it’s a game that is even more fun if you have some friends to play with :blush:

I’m gonna veer off in a widely differently direction from what you were asking, buuuut…
TellTale’s Walking Dead series. It’s very much characters and story over gameplay but they’re well-made and have some good world-building to them (especially season 4!). Just maybe skip season 3 and the Michonne Miniseries. They were garbage.

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I recommend dying light on Xbox or state of decay 2 but mostly dying light just because it is parkour related and you can drop kick zombies of buildings.

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State of decay or the good zombie game minecraft

Played all these lol dying light, waiting for dying light 2, prob the game i am most looking foward to playing. Telltales twd is so amazing! Sad they are gone, loved state of decay also, need the second game. Left 4 dead, 1 and 2. H1z1 used to be amazing/had so much promise but sony dipped out on that and passed it to daybreak “TheyBreak” and well that game broke. 7 days to die, resident evils, all the zombie games pretty much. I have pc and mobile. Maybe any other non zombie games worth checking out? I know the big ones like fallout, red dead, etc. Any good mobile non pay to win games? Waiting for elder scrolls blades and diablo immortal, will prob be on diablo a lot, looking forward to that game, blizzard does an amazing job at making games and keeping it updated and balanced.

I can recommend ZombiU or Zombi. Don’t even know how often I played the Normal Game througth , but atleast about 50 times I guess plus 3 runs in Surviver Mode (Would’ve been more If I could choose the character I wanna play instant of the Beginner Dude all the time).

Isn’t that for wii? Ive seen that game, looks fun, guess i could get an emulator

ZombiU is for WiiU. Zombi (Port) is PC and the other consoles.

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Sweet! I’ll check it out, thanks

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No Problem :wink:

The Walking Dead – No Man’s Land (mobile game) No pay to win.

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Project zomboid

Dead Age is rogue type zombie turn based rpg. Fun.

Killing Floor 1 and 2 are great co-op survival wave based zombie games. Killing Floor 2 also has a badass soundtrack with it as well. While not necessarily “zombies”, Doom 2016 is another addictive story based shooter. Can’t praise the OST on that one enough either. All of the Dead Rising games are quite fun too. I enjoyed the Dead Island games quite a lot as well, but generally most people didn’t. DayZ (both the standalone and Arma 2 mod) is loads of fun (when it works). DayZ standalone finally hit beta if you aren’t already in that cult following. Can’t forget the Call of Duty Black Ops zombies either!

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This. I agree.

Yup played those lol love kf2! Kf1 was the only game i could play on my pc back when i was on motherboard graphics. Loved dead island, been playing cod zombies since WAW. Dead rising, havent played 4 tho. Dayz was ok, i moved to h1z1 tho as it was more what i was looking for