Ziek & Shiva Getting Too Close


What on earth is going on here?


Ziek and Shiva are “one” with each other. That’s all it is…


“Here kitty, nice kitty”…“OUCH! BAD KITTY! DOWN!” lol


Is that a tiger in your pants or are you just happy to see me?


I see you got a screenshot just before they fuse together to create a 7* . Rumor is that zeke rides shiva


Wow, and just when I thought there would’t be The Walking Dead Porn…



That’s the new feature after Ascendance… it is called Fusion.




You reckon your developers have ever experimented with walker porn?

I’d have had a go, tbh.


I’m sorry to rez this but I just found it and it’s my most favorite thing ever.

I wish we had a thread of funny bugs.


Buzz Killington strikes again!


Lol… that is the unfortunate thing. Which is why I feel it’s important to cherish the less important ones that make us laugh when we come across them. Life’s too short to always feel like the sky is falling.