Zero offers from tapjoy

Amy info on how to fix this?

Well I think that’s a Tapjoy issue, not a Scopley one. So not sure GR can help you.

Anytime I click on tapjoy it always tells me theres no offers been that way for 2 months

Only so many shaving kits and personalised dog food someone can buy?

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Well you can always get another dog. :thinking:

You can always use a vpn…

Tapjoy problem - iOS is my guess? Same issue here

That’s how u upgrade to no offers infinity
Trust me I know

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It’s because you are on ios

When tapjoy sell me a dog for a reasonable return of in-game coins I’ll be right on it…

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Offers are soooooo bad on ios :frowning:

I do it and I never have problems…

That’s what got me banned from tapjoy trust me it’s all fun and games til citadel level 10 but you gotta hit that support and they like nu huh you had your vpn on for this offer

Never had ti contact support…Sounds dump to do it if you use a vpn…

Sadly there’s nothing much I can do it here. I would encourage you to contact Tapjoy directly.

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