Zero energy map


You should do us all a solid a suggest the zero energy road map open up for this weekend. I know it’s a reach but it’s better then asking us to pay for the red plastic pieces. We have more then enough space for one I believe. #MakeTWDRTSGreatAgain!


We’re at max roadmap capacity until two more days unfortunately. And I bet that make up Dwight roadmap or the other hours of the gear map will take priority. Also they are clearly away so they wouldn’t do it this weekend anyway lol.


“Sorry, unfortunately we are unable to put out the zero roadmap again due to other scheduled events like solo level up, but if you want more plastic parts, keep a lookout for our crates that will contain Dwight collection gun part, plastic parts, barb wires, and vest in low amounts, only for a low price of $9.99 a pop.”

Keep on surviving,


LiveOps Manager Billy Capecod Dingle Berry