Zeke healing round 1

How does he heal round 1 when I didn’t attack him? 76ap no ap gain weapons pretty sure now I seen other characters doing this keep surviving.


When u say round 1 do you mean on the opponent first turn?

Any pics or evidence to back this up?

I once saw lydia shot lasers through her eyes
keep surviving


Kill 2 retribution toons rd 1?

Without knowing what the rest of the team composition, it’s hard to speculate. Get a video and we can either confirm it’s a bug and fast-track getting developers’ eyes on it or explain what happened.

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Yes opponent. I attacked first in the raid then Zeke Just used his ar right away on the other team. checked all the team and weapons after and was like WTF no ap gain weapons or anything leader skill was Blue Lee ap gain when damage taken.No specialist skills. avoided Zeke so it’s a bug.

Nope he didn’t have any

I’m with the OP here. Over the course of the (roughly) last two weeks i had multiple occasions where toons popped their AR right away on R1. No commands popped, they weren’t attacked etc.

Heck, the ■■■■■■■ game is so buggy as hell that you get resist/effect notifications on toons of effects they don’t even have on their weapon/mods. This game is just a humongous clusterfuck of bugs.

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This team Was Blue Lee lead Erika Zeke Tyreese and red Andrea ranged.

I’ve also had this happen with Erika, pretty much exactly the same scenario. I was careful to check weps and leader skill, no explanation.


Blue Lee lead is ap on damage. So you probably attacked him enough that his ar built up.

Nope didn’t attack Zeke as I said in my first post.

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Collateral damage? Splash damage? Burn jumpe? I need a video to show the devs, if they can’t recreate it they don’t know what to check in the code.

Zeke wasn’t damaged? A video sorry don’t have powers to go back in time that of which I know?? :crazy_face:??.It’s a bug and looks like it’s happening to others .Just reporting a bug.

Why don’t u take a video when u raid the same guy again?

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No collateral damage, pain split, burn, bleed, splash damage in any way.

Just had it happen again, untouched toon rushing T1 with no apparent cause.

The same thing happened to me but against Mirabel she rush in T1 . but so far it happened only once as I remember

I seen a Zeke do this during the last war also. He was the leader, nobody touched him, but he popped T1 :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

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If you’re auto raiding at x3 speed the animations sometimes lag behind the effects. There are too many variables to pin down with your vague troubleshooting.