Zander AR 100 AP teammate choice

Is the 100% AP gain a random teammate? Is it predictable in any way, like the teammate with the lowest ap %? Thanks


Good question… I like Zander… I’ve been using him but it’s always chance for me. I never really clocked who the AP went to. Thanks for asking… I’m interested too.

Nope always gives to the one that have most



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This is always the case with ‘random’ ap boosts, but seems really counter intuitive on an ability that grants 100% ap.


It’s not random. So special ap gain not just Zander, but doc Stevens, Michelle active skill etc will give ap to the toon(s) that have the most ap. A nice trick to this with Zander would be something like your whole team is ready to rush. Rush christa for example first, then rush Zander, because everyone else on your team has full ap, the 100% ap will go to Christa and you can rush her again the next turn for example


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