Zachary's weapon after Reset

Weapon after Reset in the armory.

Despite being pretty reasonable at german, I can’t translate that word for word. But sometimes the special weapon skill text is truncated in the in-game character card, so maybe it is just a visual/wording issue?

What is it supposed to be/say?

I’m only guessing but it has reset to Bonus Crit when HP over 70%?

Yeah, question is whether it is simply a wording error because of how they truncate the wording in the character card during a battle - Zachary’s weapon skill is the same concept, so it was probably a copy and paste and someone forgot to change the wording of the truncated version

Yes…After weapon rest in the armory is the bonus Krit in 70%hp and i think a bonus from 30% kritchance. Is just a duplicate from a red weapon.

Can you post the character shot that ianybob did for your roster showing the changed skill?

On the charakter roster ist the weapon ok… if you use the weapon in SR is the weapon on 70%Hp.

I played through several cards and the weapon does Not crit to 100%.
Stage 4/3.

No official Statement?

100% Crit is not possible and not what the weapon says. The weapon add +100 crit

Go to ur premier recruits and screen shot the Zachary weapon from there. That will show us if it’s a translation error or tester error.

Or make a small change by adding +1 Crit and then reset it again. See if that resolves the issue



Also to note, all toons have a base crit of +10

weird how the 2nd cropped image got so big. oh well. o_0

You see the 70% hp on the weapon! After reset in armoury…

The original have 50%hp…

Post an image of it from your character roster. That will determine if the problem is the wording or the skill has changed

Things to try out with testing if the weapon description isn’t right and it’s just visual.

Attack a walker and look at your toon icon on the bottom.

if 100 crit pops up. It’s a description error.

To further test if the weapon is working is to get your health below 70% and try hitting a walker again to see if the bonus 100 crit still pops up.

This will help that this bug is visual or if there is more to this bug.

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