Zachary & Shield Jesus in the Museum, new SC Missions & 10 chances at 20k coins!

I completed the Bloody Bandages Act 2 roadmap today & wanted to see if I could pull 20,000 coins from one of the 10 Supreme crates… If you were not sure what to do with your Crossbones, or your other extra Pathways energy, I’d say check out the video to see how it played out when I did it.

They also added new Survivor’s Club missions & I walk through those as well as checking out the new Museum Collections & characters.

Will you be going for Jesus or Zachary?


It takes 4 weekly events to get 15 comics. Where do the rest come from if you don’t have SC?

I think this is the point. Sc is a pay to receive exclusive items thing. They aren’t going to make it grindable for people to get for free or else what would be the point for anyone to pay?

Don’t worry though, they aren’t making it acheiveable for those who do pay either!


Yeah. Like I said in the other post. Lip service and broken promises.


I’ve done 70 crates so far. Should be able to do 10 more before it ends.
0 coins so far
25 Mods
Rest Benedicts. :expressionless:


Also did 60 crates so far and just Benedicts… Their “chances” are just as rigged as an election in an authoritarian African country. :joy:


170 acc1
100 acc2

0 coins all round

Not spending anymore money on this game


Offering those toons significantly widens the gap between those who Pay2Play and those who don’t.



40 crates, no mods or gold so far, and nowhere near enough comics for Zach