Zachary pulls for you whales out there

I’m curious to see how mental people have gone and what your pulls are like seeing as Zachary looks like a decent attack and defence toon


Mainly f2p here used my coins from leagues and acquired a ascendable rick and 6* Zachary in a 1
40** pull very happy with my results


Uh, based on how small that scroll icon is that does not look like a 10-pull dude.

The Son of a Shepherd’s gonna punish you for that :joy:


My bad it was a 40 pull, useing my ipod rn kinda small keyboard

you caught him so he changed it to a 40 pull LMAO.


Will get a third in the next few days

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How many pulls approximately to get two Zachary? Just curious.

Flexin’ hard bro! I’d be happy with 1 just now, congrats!

got him on a single pull :roll_eyes:


9 x 10 pulls :confused:


Lie some more Mr. F2p

Very good photo shop skills pal

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That’s quite a cursed account. I thought I had it bad only getting 4* Zacharys.

I never understand why people pull for toons with out knowing how to use them before hand

1*40 pulls. he looks realistic in terms of apocalyptic dress code.
and he’s fat. i like fat toons. its fatcism if you do not let fat guys live in apocalyptic game
(just because you assume they would get devoured due to running slowly)

spoken like a true whale! :stuck_out_tongue:

so far i’m targeting him to be used in defence and in raid. as support and mainly due to his recover all penalties. got ideas of lineup?

I dont see the point in spending just to collect, but yes to improve your team. and so you know he is definitely worth using as I pulled for him with a plan in place and already greatly improved the team I planned to use him with

get 4 with a huge red lead and its game over