Zachary Proving There's No Balance


i did not say for him to be free or that any one say for him to be free i just say players want to win for free and i am sorry to you for making you upset because this was not my motive but you are saying I have made posts for him to be free and i never did that i do not hope to be rude but i think you are angry and i apologize to you for that

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Fake news


Lol most of the people with common sense understand u bro. Just the butthurt ones replying against y u, and no amount of explanation will get thru to them.
“oh I can’t beat this toon he is too difficult. Pls make him weaker! Waah waah waah.”
Lol let them cry it’s entertaining.
Meanwhile the good players have figured out how to beat multiple zach teams 100% of the time, and have moved on. The zach challenge is old news, he is too easy now. We don’t care.


Oh wise one… please share your wisdom. What team do you use to beat Zachary?


Where’s the proof? wat ur using since ur so “GOOD” and we are all just scrubs ig :thinking::man_shrugging:

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:joy: :joy: Guardian doesn’t block maim, what game are you playing? You obviously haven’t faced top teams with two zachs. I’ve yet to see a blue toon one shot Zach at full health so please… please make a tutorial video because you’re better than the top 1% of players in this game. :joy:

Are there ways to beat it… sure… but it’s not easy and you need the perfect set up and rng in your favor every time.


Too many bull :poop: artists on these forums so let me get this straight people?? You can take out a shield 2 revives and 2 Zachary’s?? I’d like to see this

No pics no proof no legs to stand on. Bore off


That’s the easy version team of Zachary. Alice can beat that team easily. It’s gets SO much worse than that.


Oh I know that lol was giving the easy option. Players are just autoing button wars here attack/def team is the same.


Yea this is the defense my faction mate had originally thought of when he pulled for Zachary. It’s completely different now lol.


Shield Andrea - with 8AP Weapon
Command Nik - with 8AP Weapon
Revive Rick - With 8AP Weapon
Zachary - with Huge bonus on attack
Zachary - with Huge bonus on attack

This ensures that both Zachary are Ready to rush on the second wave … with command Nik one can pop off first round, this is right back to the Blue Andrea days, except its not insta kill to 1 player, its all players if not enough def on

ive beaten them before but it can swing both ways, if you don’t have much of the newer promo gen2 toons then it can be a little tough especially seeing as if you are successful on confusing with diarm michonne one toon, the other can negate that on the same first wave, its really too overpowered and dumb in MY opinion

that said, im sure 75% of players who wouldnt have him (mostly in duplicate)~ would moan about it

it just leads to scopely thinking how to beat the last promo … how to get someone who can tackle him and make more money

the whole reason 6* was practically made was because of the corner they put themselves in with Priya


It’s gonna get worse if they release that yellow Maggie and she’s a command.

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That is scopely for you.

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Just faced a x3 Zachary team in war.

It was shield Andrea lead, shield Jesus, Zachary x3.

And no I didn’t win.


Honk Honk lol :joy:

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He’s not impossible to beat even many zachs.It’s just annoying cause you can’t see peoples teams or they switch during war lololololol.


If u can’t rush r1 or r2 those zack teams are a ball ache. Not to add if the mods are good on him its even worse. I would say the best way to deal with zack is to use raw dam to kill him, he rushes hes back to max hp and back to square 1 for u.

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Y’all kill me. Not one single person is talking about Zachs that are under leveled nor zachs with any color lead but yellow.

He’s complete bs and everyone knows it. 3 8% with a vl to huge ap uni or yellow lead with 2 zachs is one of the biggest jokes in this game.

Those defending those saying he’s not an issue are full of themselves period.

Can’t no one show a video or photos of them beating 3 8% with zachs popping rd 1 and 2 or both on rd 2 with f2p characters 3x in row - bc if he’s that easy guy can produce that.


No really high tier play are gonna share their teams because they can easily be copied, i gave a really good team to beat zack teams thts mainly f2p

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3 free toons (100%)
One toon that was in war crates and token wheels
One premier that has also been in token wheels