Zachary Proving There's No Balance


How is it foolish? What you said was

Which to me means, because Joe Blow doesn’t have the same tools I have, that something of mine needs to be changed.

A broader example of what your comment means to me is I have two lolli pops, one is delicious, the other is the most delicious one ever. Joe Blow has two lolli pops two, a delicious one and an ok one. Since he doesn’t have the same as me, my super delicious one should be cut in half.

I am ok with Zach getting nerfed on the merit of being over powered or breaking the game at all levels, but not just because others cant beat him



I’m not F2p and bane is a much better player than I, beating zach teams with 3 F2p toons.

I spend. I’m not saying I don’t. All I’m saying is that zach teams are easy to beat with the right tools, mine being bought.

My enemies paid money for their zach teams, so I think it’s just normal that people who pay money for anti-zach tools have the easy time beating zachs.

The unbalanced thing would be if people spend $thousands for a good def like double zach and then they can be easily beaten by F2p.

So again, I say, if u can’t beat zach teams, don’t complain about them being OP because they aren’t. Just get better, spend/play better/grind or any combination of these things.

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The end of the day, all teams are beatable … but maybe the game needs unbeatable teams i dont know. i remember the old days of rank 1 having damn good defs and it would force you to mould a new attack team

all i know is with the rng on stun or impair weapons, with stun resist mods and all that, with the 1.4x defensive bonus the enemy gets it is very 1 sided affair and i know i can beat 1 zachary defence but 2 with andrea lead and nik command its quite difficult to gain a quick advantage

the other option would be to use 8AP to all weapons and hope for a quick kill on some

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Yes quick kill is the best. Wipe the zachs turn 1 so they can’t do squat

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I can beat it with f2p toons but it’s certainly not 100 percent and I had to REALLY think outside the box. He’s massively overpowered. But there’s one toon that really really messes up the Zachary strategy. I hate using the team too. It’s annoying.



I like to face AP, and maybe half of the ones i saw on the battlefield had double Zach, beta or some combo of those toons.

No, I won’t make a tutorial for my potential competition, nor for someone who chides me for talking about the multitude of ways Zach can be approached. I do stuff like that for my faction mates. But I can assure you, I use 3 f2p toons as my go to for many of these double Zach teams.



So you are using a double Zach attack team :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Eureka!!! Everyone needs to find that 5*attempt 32 was the winner



Actually, I think they did fix it, then decided it was OP, then completely changed it (reduced the count and it does not specifically target red/green for enemies 2 and 3), and it still does not work as they suppose since the damage and status go to the same enemies, thus Guardian shields block it :man_shrugging:

It came to our attention over the last few weeks, thanks to the community, that a bug was impacting the Adrenaline Rush (AR) of The Wanderer character.

The bug was as follows: Any opponent protected with Guardian Shield, that didn’t take damage from the Adrenaline Rush, would not have Attack and Defense debuffs applied.

After fixing this specific battle interaction with Guardian Shield, we conducted further testing internally and decided to reduce the number of targets affected by The Wanderer’s AR to a maximum of 3. Once debuffs were being applied correctly, we discovered that the effectiveness level of Wanderer exceeded the original balance intent. In order to preserve the AR’s damage, debuff strength, etc., we decided to reduce the amount of affected enemies to retain the intended balance.

We believe the benefits of the bug fix outweighs the change done to the number of targets affected by The Wanderer’s Rush, since the debuff will now be properly applied to enemies with Guardian Shield



tbh scopely wouldn’t make much money if they released balanced toons. They make money because they release OP toons over and over again to force the spenders to spend more if they wanna stay on top.





But why hide your toons? Yes you did beat him but people probably think you can only win with premiere toons, so is this the case?



I’m not gonna show them but I can tell you this, andrea lead with 2 commands.

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I’m not here to hold anyone hand, people can use their brain to figure out a good combo



I do see a bit of blue at the top, so andrea lead, 2 siddiqs, damage dealer and a guardian/support maybe?



Maybe? Tey it out maybe it works lol



I have Zachary and think he should be nerf.
But I did beat many of him with a free to play team in war Eric Regina Mackenzie Tyreese and Andrea with ap drain mods and hearts.My Weapons and mods aren’t even that great.
Try a more defensive team.



So many ways to beat him. It’s really easy.
The general principle is to establish control round 1.

once u get to round 2 and zachs are free to move, then u run the risk of losing or taking too long to beat them.

So either disrupt, confuse, taunt, stun, ap down, etc. Or outright kill him round 1…

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Call bluff until i see ss.