Zachary Proving There's No Balance


I mean you can’t even argue that Zachary isn’t the most broken 7* in the game. His AR basically has 2.5 times the power that 6* Tyreese’s AR has and you can’t simply heal back the damage. He also fully heals himself and cures everyone on his team from all negative status effects. Oh, and he has one of the most broken specialist skills in the game I know it’s harsh to say but you guys 99% don’t give a rat’s butt about balance. Not one person can say with a straight face that this game is balanced.



I think Zachary is awesome



When has anyone ever said the game was balanced?



Dude I kill double Zach teams all day. Even while eating bkfast and driving at the same time. Auto terrific



We’re u in WOC?



So balance is shield shield revive revive revive? Or maybe shield revive revive revive revive?

Imo since Shawn came out (f2p) the meta has successfully been overcome and creativity is back in defenses. Zach is tough but beatable, same with any team build.

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Maim can be cured so you can heal back the damage

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Beatable doesn’t equal balanced.



man, people really hate zach…

note to self, do not name kids / pets zach…



Zachary seriously needs a debuf and everyone knows it. The only people who don’t want it of course have him. Duh.

One is sorta manageable if you prepare for it but two of them are damn near impossible if they fire off back to back.

Don’t worry though. Scopely isn’t running a game so much as an app designed to suck as much money as possible and as often as possible from our :whale:s.

Can’t wait to see what they offensive juggernaut they release next to counter the damage they did with Zachary because you know it’s coming.



They are supposedly gonna fix it where guardian will be able to block it soon, should help some



you should spend tine to learn to have new tactics to beat him he is not so much bad but players are lazy and want to win for free or to have no challenges and he is not a 7* there are not any he is 6* card



as i mentioned in another post before, it’s like the anime dragon ball, they kept introducing stronger and stronger characters, one more stronger than the next, did you watch it? they had this turtle master in the beginning training goku, and in the end, that turtle master was a joke compared to super saiyan goku. that turtle had 190 power level, whereas super saiyan goku had 150m.

now THAT anime was unbalanced.



You can neutralize, confuse, impair, AP drain, stun, taunt, or use guardian shield to block Zach maim damage. You can also use maim resist mods.

Tyrese base atk is way higher than Zach making Tyrese a much more viable atk toon Zach. Zach only has maim damage, and only 1k at that. Most toons have over double that so only teams with 2 Zach’s can viably kill a team, given that they aren’t blocked in the numerous ways I’ve mentioned. Btw, Tyrese or dwight will one shot Zach, especially if you have Dwight or Maggie’s rifle which were both free. Maggie also gives a 75 % buff for Tyrese, making him as deadly as Alice’s buff would.

Defensively Zach is better since his hp and def stats cater more towards that. Yes he’s difficult when he fires. That’s the point though, you can’t just hit stuff with your eyes closed. This game requires thinking and strategy to play.

I’d remind you that every new toon ever has been called to debuff. Then people learn to adapt, rather than asking for handouts and easy stuff, and the game keeps evolving and stays interesting. Of course promo toons are going to be awesome at first, then people learn to deal with that toon and keep getting better.

If a completely free to play player can beat a pay to play player then I see that as balanced. I know several f2p who are plenty capable of that. I get the frustration but if you’re not able to beat a team, ask your faction mates or other people to help you, that’s why this is a team sport, they are a resource so use it.



Just use maim resist mods.



Gtfo with assumptions lol nothing to do with lazy or wanting for free. Takes time to adjust to new meta and build teams to counter and not everyone had a ton to choose from
Maybe you should take yr own advice and stop putting others down smh…
Zachary wont be debuffed. This game hasnt been balanced in awhile. They broke offense and now defense. Soon it will be the other way around. Hes op but a debuff wont happen so people should just start working on offenses to counter best they can. I’m just tryin all sorts of setups and making use of faction mates who have him by dueling and asking for ideas to beat him.



i am sorry but i do not understand the anger here maybe my words are not the best for it but i am not native i never say to put other players down and i do not say to buff zachary so you are wrong about all of this and also i think that many complaining players are just worried of a changing game and that is what is fun to me is changes and new challenge to the game bit maybe you just want a ribbon for participation and if this is fun for then ok but I like to have a challenge and it is ok to lose if you can learn and then win that is the fun of the game to me and i am sorry if this is not fun for you

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Callin people lazy and sayin they want Zachary for free? Where did anyone say that?



i did not say to have him for free but that they want to win for free i think my language is good to say this clear but maybe i have had a exchange with you on a bad time for you i did not mean to make you have all this anger at me and i hope you can have a nice day today and find fun again



I think your mixing threads up no one said Zachary should be free…there was discussion about the museum characters being an event like the cupcake one. Cant find anyone that said they want Zachary free on a serious level. Also not sure where anyone is being lazy especially ones who want to grind for a toon…:woman_shrugging: