Zachary incoming!

Watch out yall, another bleeder on the way and he comes with recover penalties and maim. Will we be seeing a burn theme after? A new skill like lacerator for burn. Post your thoughts and team ideas.


1000 main damage, ap drain to EVERYONE, total recover from all penalties AND fully heal self? I think Scopely have jumped the shark with this character. Isn’t this just too much, even by your standards?


I like how they are going about with the gen 2 legendaries. At least we are seeing cohesive themes with Michelle lead which utilize her bleed weapon, everyone behind her just follow suit

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No, nothing beats decap

Thankfully no.

That active being ready turn 2 is big

Is this the Sans Undertale of RTS toons?

They really trying to make bleed viable, I like it. It’s still too slow compared to def down/atk up combo I think.

One thing this bleed theme doesnt have is sustain. All recent toons with bleed dont really have support and if scopely can make one in the future, this theme will be set! Probably a shield with high defense, special trait bleed on defense and revive on active

Haemorrhage is too slow for the current meta, his adrenaline rush looks awesome but reds aren’t viable on defence, can’t see a team lineup where I’d find him useful personally.

What you mean reds arent viable on defense?

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At the top level, they’re the easiest trait to kill

Hate interpreting rushes. Is it 1000 maim to 5? Or. Maim to 1 Ap drain to 5?

I think you can make an excellent team with donny nowadays.

It’s maim damage and ap drain to all.

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Ehh, again he’ll be popping round three. He’ll be long dead by then lol

Just cause he has tanky stats doesnt mean e is only for defense, he is very tanky and sustaining with his rush, put him behind michelle or alice he can do tons of damage, pair him with Martinez and you have a crazy ass bleed team

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Not if red beta taunt an enemy for 4 turns and zachary stuns for 4 turns, its already 2 characters out depending on which one it is it will your defense team the time to rush and apply other stuns/damage.

(Expensive) Attack team idea: 1 Lucas + 4 Zacheries.

Stun as many as possible starting turn 2. Use stunned characters to safely build AP and avoid weapon affects. 4000 main damage to all on turn 4. Anyone that survives that will have no AP, almost no health, and can be stunned by Zach again.

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They’re programmed to use their active skills immediately, so they’d both target my shield. Only defences that’ll earn you defends are the Garrett/Lydia teams with 20% Holly and Tobin, or Andrea shield leads with four 8% weapons.