Zach from museum? Will I get him?

As I’m counting I can get him?

This axe event appears every Wednesday - and 2 comics gives 1 axe.

I need 3 axe to open 30 comics

I’ll have 3 Wednesday with normal roadmap that will give at least 18 comics (if I’m that unlucky and get 6 comics each weeks - normally I get 7-9 ish)

Then with this 30 comics and 18 I’ll have 48 and plus 119 it’s 167!!

So the dates:

In 3 weeks we have 4 of September at 21.13 (my time) and still have like 5 hours until Zach expires! But those road events with axes they appear in the morning every Wednesday.

So the conclusion is: I can get Zachary, right?


you get some from weekly mission too so yes you should be able to

By then be something better

Until they mess up something with the collection or missions again.

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you won’t get it, the last map comes out just when the collection ends, so you can’t get the seven axe for the collection (30 comics)and the last 6 comics from the map.

It’s gonna be close but you may be able to.

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Are you sure about that? The event appears here at my time zone every Wednesday- morning

Now it’s 22.04 PM and Zach expire in: 20 days and 4 hours and 54 minutes. It means at sept 5 at 3 AM.

So the roadmap event with axes appears every Wednesday at 3am ? I’ll be able to grab axe 21August - 28 August and 4 of sept

I’m sure, the collection ends at september 4 at 3am for your time zone.

20 days 4 hours 22 minutes

lol you’re right - I missed the 1 September when looking at my calendar :frowning: damn!

However - what about the weekly missions ? Hmm. Do we get axes from that ?

Nope 7 char

Dude, best choice is : #PlayersUnited

Haven’t you heard ? Or maybe you are completely satisfied with the way things are going in this game ?

(Meaning cancel your sub and wait for a change)

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7 char?

Or you can let people spend how they want.

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Yeah sure, just do what you want, as if everything was going alright.

But dont you ever come whining that something went wrong then.

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