Zach - DR Stevens - raven - mia?

Looking at your roster you need all of them


I know… :slight_smile: haha

If just they had some side rewards for making pulls ? Like they had with dr you could get wayland payback if make 80-120 pulls, can’t remember the exact amount ?

You’ve got revives but don’t use any on your defense? Mia, Zach, doc. Elle has workarounds.

Dr stevens rush activates first turn…he then cause others rush second turn…he rocks…great on any team.

I just wanna know why you’re running two Douglas’ on defense.
In case you didn’t know (because many people don’t know) Guardian II can only proc once per round. In other words, you can only get a max of two guardian shields per turn so having two seems pretty pointless to me since his rush is pretty average.

Hmm. Who would you suggest I run in there instead ?

You mean Red negan?

What are those? Lol she is such a pain!

Dr Stevens and Raven, then wait for a good Command toon like Dale

Or maybe if they make Maggie a good command?

But yes Dale in defense wouldn’t be bad? Commanding and crazy debuff

Maggie would be great since she’s yellow and free (if they make her ascendable). Dale is crazy good, also gives focus to all so toons wont get taunted/confused.

Saw this team was once :slight_smile:


with no leader

They didn’t care, crushes my friend in 3-4 rounds hehe

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