Zach - DR Stevens - raven - mia?

Hey guys,

Can you please help me with little advise ?

Who would you go for ? I have around 40k coins and would love to improve my defense - I consider this order of 10-40 pulls for toons:

  1. Dr Stevens
  2. Zachary
  3. Raven
  4. Mia

My defense is

I have some okay toons also

dr stevens is the one that make a great team awesome. But he is more attack. Mia is the most annoying in defence of those you showed


Dr Stevens. Generically good. Will be good a long time. Good for Defense, even better for offense.

All three others are great. Zach will be good/mid long term for SR and PvE maps.

Zachary will be top tier for many months to come

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Not enough kals lol


I say pull for Stevens (maybe for Zach but max a 10 pull) and save the rest of your coins for s class toons like pryia etc

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I’d rate Doc 1st, Zach 2nd, Mia us better than Raven on def, but Raven is still awesome, and very useful on atk with a shield (Ajax especially) so I rank them both 3rd

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A lot of Kals - 3 haha. I consider make a test team with 3 kals - Andrea lead and Ajax or Lydia lead - Andrea - 3x kals for fun and give all Kal absolute defense (have 1 now xD)

So he is also worth it…

Yeah I was also thinking:

Dr Stevens
And then Mia / Raven and see who else comes.

That Priya / what class she will be ? Yellow?

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Blue I think. I would say wait for Elle, the yellow witch with Bait. Otherwise I also tend to Raven and the Dr. but would not say no to a well modded Zach!

Dr Stevens

These the toons you want in that order. Zach is on the wheel now and he is amazing but Dr Stevens is top, he is amazing on defense and attack and is a game changer for sure

Doc is a barstaaaaard

I would pretty much concur with that list, but the caveat I would add is look at what other 6*/ascendables are on the wheel as well, also check - if it’s one of the new collections - how many of the collection items you will need. Even with 40K coins to blow, the odds are actually mathematically, I believe, against you coming out with any of the toons on that list, so try to also plan for managing your losses. I used a good pull on the Skull token coins going for Zander not specifically for him, though I would have been happy to get him, but more because the other toons were all commands and I know that that may have been the only bulk coin amount I would have for some time so I wanted to maximise my chances of getting SOMEONE useful, but then again I’m a play it safe kind of person by nature.

There’s what I’ve seen for priya

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She will be tough carry a bazooka and have anew ability called daze on her weapon. Seems like it may be the bide and payback promo counter.

Zach is the worst of these on defense now. He was trouble back in the one turn meta. That is now gone and he’s back to 2-3 turns. He doesn’t offer as much as the other in terms of quick AS or nice specialist skill.

I would wait for negan or Elle if you are really focusing on defense.

i agree with u OP. doc and zach. if its just 40k coins, then dont bother with the others. if u get either doc or zach thats good. if u get both and still have coins, lucky you, keep the remaining coins for newer more op toons in the coming weeks.

Zachary If you put status resist mods on him he’s god mode.
He’s also getting an upgrade when arenas hit.
Doc and Raven easy to Crush with Many Green R1 characters.
So my pick of those Mia or Zachary.

Definitely Dr. Steven’s… Game changer in off and deff Teams…