Yvette vs Maggie?

Hey guys, what do you think I should do with the defense ? Yvette Vs Maggie ? I’m still trying to get Eric in there, but also trying to make Absolute Def weap for Yvette, then behind Lydia she will be better than Maggie ? :slight_smile:

image image

Do yvette and give her 8%ap weapons but sorry dude i don’t feel this team is good this days

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Thanks… :slight_smile:

Would it be better with: zeke - sandy red - Douglas - Maggie and hunter ?

8%ap on defense is a death sentence for the character carrying it. Absolute defense or nothing.

(blue Maggie is trash on defense)


Yvette, she can heal and hp boost and focus to 3 for 3 turns, focus you cant be taunted or confused and she can have absolute defense and she has recover impair skill, yvette is better for defense and that team

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It depends on how many 8% and the other toons also. If you’re using enough of them to make the toons go off early it can be quite good


I agree but on the team build shown above, 8% weapon is no use

Yvette, absolute defense and a huge (if you can get huge) boost to ap while attacking. Makes he pop a lot faster while she’s hiding behind that shield. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re wrong, that 8% on yvette makes lydia rush turn 3 instead of turn 4 with the right weapon.

A Lydia rushing T3 doesn’t bother me (I don’t have a really strong attack team) and certainly won’t bother Alice + Diego + Shawn combos

For sure, I wasn’t disagreeing with not using it on that team, I was disagreeing with the notion that it was a death sentence for a character holding an 8%

Retire. B says so. From his FU days

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Aka Decauter!

I don’t think that. But trying it . Try give u more options and idea special if there’s help with that

8%ap will make lydia ruching faster
Who’s noob will kill yvette first !!!
And weapon like AD, stun when taking damage isn’t effective like past
Gut good at end

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Thanks for some interesting posts! :slight_smile: all keep Yvette for now… I’m trying to get Eric as well, if I’ll be that lucky. X

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