Yvette offer during the week



Hi, ever thought of bringing back the Yvette offer?


Give us Jesus shield offer instead or a magna


We will get a crate with the following odds
0% jesus
0% magna
0% koa
100% Estella


I will take my chances


^^ Lmaooooo


The promotional message will still be “With chances for any ascendable Human Shield!”


dont forget katjaa exists


I was tempted. But no…


I didn’t have her and she’s a good healer couldn’t resist


Voy a esperar a que Ivette cuesta $4.99 como Carl y Mirabel! Por cierto porque Abe Bazuka cuesta $9.99 si no es ni ascendible a 6*???


I deliberated and decided to buy. But when I wanted to she wasn’t available anymore…


That’s exactly what happened to me. I couldn’t see her usefulness until i ran into a beasted out yvette whose focus crushed my ability to control the revives. I’d have to do some kind of mashup of my main defenses… Hard to take any toon out, tbh…


To be honest I would rather buy this if it were available. The Michonne offer currently is… Left me speechless


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