Yvette - must be 15 chars


Is 6* star Yvette in the wheel as well as the 5* version as well for the next offer?


it is hard to tell as the screen shots on VK have a tiger posted over that particular section, but it looks like it.

p.s. I love the thread title


Have a look at the other VK. They don’t normally appear like that do they?


she was meant be free for an event…


I think they have just zoomed in, but I don’t know why they would do that. so far since they have released 6* for sale both promo’s have had the 6* available, so I am assuming this will be the case from now on, but could be wrong. I have tried to guess what this game will do before and have been proved very wrong.


Damn really? I think she’d be a great toon on defence.


We already got a free ascendable fast character.


She does look pretty tanky, not sure if her heal is going to be enough to be worth a spot on defence, but she could be good, I am running a ranged team at the moment, so will pass and see how she is when I raid people.


It was mentioned that she would be released during this event, but I don’t remember ever seeing that she was going to be free. I could be mistaken. Do you happen to have screenshots of where it was mentioned as being free?


if you could even find the first post for first event where she was talked about sure


That’s a lot of work. Lol I’ll see if I can dig it up later and reread it.


They said she would be available for this event in the recruits, so I’m not surprised she is for sale and not a prize. I do wish we could choose a side for what 6* we want, kind of like the Dwight Jesus event


First yvette has the armor in the pop-out version of her. That could be the 6* variant


She’s not complete enough to warrant a spot right now. Random 3 is a drawback so cant guarantee toons you want will be hit. Focus heal and bonus hp is mediocre. I’d wait for a real support toon with multi turn buffs and heals to all if that is planned at all. The 3 turn 40%hp is only saving grace really.


Is Daryl finally coming next??
Or are we gonna get Chris Hardwick toon next??
Can’t wait!!!


@Dab Nope, on Daryl at least.


Is Yvette a main character of twd?


No. She’s just a real-life comedienne that’s a self-proclaimed SUPER fan of the show.


Sorry i don’t know her… Just put alpha and beta, before releasing unknown character. :triumph:


If there are 3/5 remaining, and it’s her, Zeke, and Carl (all 6*, of course,) with the right weapons, you could have a helluva time bringing them down. That said, she’s not worth the roll of the dice.