Yvette heal when taunted


Hey so i just faced a team with 6* yvette… i was taunting her with blue michonne and she was still able to use her heal ar instead of hitting mich, is this normal??

@CombatMan @Agrajag


I’m going to assume she wasn’t under the effect of Focus?



Apparently nope isnt a complete sentance. So im writing this sentance which will be a complete sentance in order not to get asked if it is a complete sentance.


Please, in the future, please, spell Sentence correctly…

And yes, Yvette hosed me a couple times in CRW last weekend. I think she may be a little glitchy…


@CombatMan could you test it, please?


During a normal raid earlier today, I noticed a confused Zeke still used his AR. Of course, I haven’t had it happen since so I’m of no use.


Tested this scenario and taunted Yvette did not use her AR while taunted, however, Yvette does have the focus buff as part of her rush, so it’s likely the case that she already had the buff before you tried to taunt her, preventing the Taunt effect from being applied.