Yvette but no hershel


why is there a yvette offer in the store but not a hershel offer to honor that great man you guys are heartless @JB.Scopely


There was a Hershel offer already a couple months ago


The actor who played Hersh passed away this weekend. I think people were expecting scopley to honor him in some way like by having him on special.


Trying to use the man’s death wanting to get an offer for the toon seems in horrible taste
also the actor was for the show, which is unassociated with the comics.


i don’t even use a ranged team i would have no use for him i just look at it as an honor thing after his passing even if it’s comic’s they still can its not like there making a Daryl who not in it at all


Oh I guess that would make sense ya I see, but like what @DeanDomino said that would be kinda bad to make money off a toon just because he died


They’ll give us a 5 star green or blue Hershel


That would be rather scummy. Do you a promo when somebody who played a character died ?


I like the idea of giving a token hersh away - maybe a 5 star or something?

They could get character development department to make a special in memoriam 5 star character in honour of the actor and character.

Would be a nice touch, and would not be used for a money grab or anything.


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