Yvette/Aris Mod Ideas

Yvette and Aris, being my only PTP toons (counting Aris because I pulled her when she first came out), unless you count Anna, are the 2 I’m trying to prioritize for combat mods. However, I need some ideas.

Here’s what I have now

what i got is a full gold modset hp wise also giving mine hp and def weapon which gives her relitivly about 4000 hp hoped i helped (yvette btw)

I would try going for a defense set if you can it will be much better for keeping yvette alive, also graze is quite weak since it only has a minor chance of reducing damage and leveling it only increases damaged reduced. Any silver bottom left mod for yvette should be fine, other than graze. Other than that your mods look great, especially the two stun resists.

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