Yumiko's "Burn" AR Mechanics, Timing, and Effects


Hi, i have some doubts regarding yumiko’s burn ability:

1: does the burn increase the enemies AP?
2:if the enemy has something that blocks the attack like absolute defense or evasion does the burn still happens?
3:the 400 damage its applied directly to the opponent’s HP? For example if the enemy has a blue 5* andrea with 1,024 hp does that mean that after the burn she will end up with 624 hp?
4: the burn damage starts at the same turn that the adrenaline rush was activated or until the beginning of the next one?

I think i have more doubts but i cant remember right now, if something else come up i’ll be updating this post, also for those who have both tyresse and yumiko, who do you think its better?


Definately a question for @CombatDevIl :slight_smile: Give him a bit to check in with you and reply. Hopefully he can squeeze it in before the weekend.

Also, I changed your title (“Yumiko’s burn doubts”) to something more specific and easier to search if others have the same question.


Most of the answers are “same as bleed”

So AD won’t block it but guardian 2 will.


No, nor bleed damage.

Aboslute defense only may reduce attacks to 0, bleed and burn aren’t considered an attack (there is not attacker), they’re considered damage.

Same for Evasion, there must be an attacker to it

trigger. However, Indomitable is a specialist skill that trigger when receiving damage, so it triggers on burn and bleed.


Burn and bleed damage apply at the end turn of the affected fighter. So if you apply a burn to an enemy, at the end of enemy turn, burn damage will be applied. If an enemy applies burn to one of your fighters, at the end of your turn, burn damage will be applied.

Extra info:
Bleed damage applies before than burn, so in case a fighter has both status, and bleed kills it, burn will be passed to an adjacent fighter without changing its duration. If it has only burn, and it kills the fighter, burn will be passed on to an adjacent fighter lasting one turn less. :wink:


Thanks for answering @Javerim’s :fire: Burning :fire: questions.

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Nice, thanks!


Thank you.

Do you feel that bleed / burn is proper scaled to the new era of 6s hp stats (or even previous 5s stats)?Preformatted text

I do not, as immediate dmg output tends to deal more, then burn/bleed happen much later which carries significantly more risk as the opposing team gets a turn allowing either healing or status removal. Given that burden, shouldn’t burn or bleed exceed the initial damage to warrant that risk? As is I’ll always default to an instant high damage output rather than design in burn/bleed. I feel burn/bleed should be 2x -3x the damage from direct damage rushes to give it a risk/reward that is acceptable.


This is a designer question, I only code them /shrug, may @Dash answer that.


And it impacts base health, it goes around bonus HP correct?


Primer lanzamiento de adrenalina


mata el primero y la quemadura le pasa a un adyacente


Y así sucesivamente. Si se aplica al final del lanzamiento de ap