Yumiko vs Gator

I have a max level and tier tough Yumiko and fast Gator wich should I ascend?

That depends on the other toons you have ascended, whether you want someone for atrack or defence, whether you are going melee or ranged or have a rainbow leader. Also if you have better options instead of these 2 it would be good to know too.

Yumi (7chars)

im my experience, gator is used a lot more than yumiko, infact most of the times shes auto picked during Sr which is more of annoyance as its mainly walker levels that promote same colour traits and she has no crit to help

Gator is a drop leader, attack booster and camo for 1 turn, helps hard daily SR levels

They are the only acendables that I have max tier and level I also have an green 6 star eugene

The rest of your roster is 5 stars?

my roster is 4 max 5 stars and a level 80 tier 3 eugene

It’s an insult you even have to ask.

No one fucks with Gator.

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Well without any actual information about your roster or what need you have to fill, I’ll assume either one is going to be better than any of the 5* you currently have. You could ascend either or both. Neither is game changing but both will help you a lot more right now until you get better toons.

What do you plan to use as fodder to ascend one of them?

Low level five stars that I got from ascending

What are your resources for ascendance like?

Neither Yumiko or Gator are particularly great. As a new player they will obviously improve your roster (and personally, I’d go for Yumiko because she’ll provide a hard hitting attack toon and attack is always the area you should focus on) but if you think there is a chance ascending one of them now might impact your ability to ascend a better character in the near future then I would vote for neither.

save gear new meta is now but if not then go for Yumi

100% Yumiko. So much better than Gator.

If those are th only 2 choices available, i would go yumi. She’s a bit outdated but she still packs a punch. Her active skill is also useful for control. You should also weekly check your depot for ascendable toons. Ascending 4*s is also an option. There are good ascendables there.

I’m gonna try to ascend them both but right now I’m gonna ascend gator since I don’t use him in anything but survival road and I have Yumiko in my main team

Gator and just walk true SR like you own it !!!

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Gator, he is god of sr and a drop lead. His boost to 3 can help on attack also. Work with what you have. Dont let some people in here that are tripping sway you. Gator was my 1st 6* and he worked at the time. Sr and drop lead, attack and crit boost, gator will help you more right now than yumiko will

This…gator is a mainstay in my sr yellow team.

Yumi used to be my strongest toon but those days are long gone.

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Unless you need a drop leader, get Yumi. She’s very versatile. Stronger attack, burn, confuse… Good attack toon

Plus since you have Green Eugene, at least his lead skill helps Yumi out as well.