Yumiko rush glitch


So anyone else noticing the glitch with yumikos rush. Seems she’s doing one of two things. Either she damages and applies burn to 3 toons or damages 2 and applies burn to three. I’ve seen both happen every time I use her rush like below her rush killed the bottom back and also applied burn to two more.


That’s because The Burn applies to michonne, michonne then dies and the Burn transfers to an adjacent toon. In this case shiva.
If michonne hadn’t died only her and Carl would’ve had the Burn.


Burn is basically Bleed that migrates on toon death as stated above. Basically burn applies first then damage. if danage kills toon burn migrates to an adjacent toon not affected by burn (Per the devs burn does not stack). This continues until there are no applicable targets, all toons are dead, or duration expires.