Yumiko nerfed maybe?


Yumiko is no longer burning anyone else. When ar pops if it kills on rush her burn is not jumping to other toons as it should.


Can you clarify if you are killing the enemy with the damage from the rush itself or is the “burn” killing them?


This is supposed to be fixed on next update I believe


I dont have her myself. My gf said that when she rushes if it kills someone on rush it counts that toon as the 2. Its not spreading to other toons not killed by the AR.


Yes, it´s fixed in the new update


Thought id seen the fix coming in the next update. Just not sure so i wanted to know if others had the same issue.


I noticed in beta somehow by some chance her burn stacks
Yes 800 burn dmg is nice that’s basically a basic atk lol


How does the same thing keep getting broke every time they update the game? You would think once something is corrected it would stay that way.

Too bad were not having the same problem with the crit nerf…I mean fix.


Yeah i know right. Fix PFFT!!


Any specific scenario this is occurring in? I’m not seeing this issue occur while testing. If you could get a video that would be helpful.


Like i said i dont have her it was a complaint brought to me. The player that has her cant do video. She only said her burn was killing an opponent on rush but not spreading to the other toons still up. Might have been a glitch like getting impaired by a stunned toon. Thats been happening alot too.


I have Yumi and was able to test her rush out a little while ago. It’s working fine on my end. Hit and killed the center toon one on top and one below took the burn.

@CombatMan @Trusslayer


Looks like it was just a glitch. If it happens more i will see if she can record it. Thanks guys keep surviving!! Haha


I have her and its happening to me. If you hit the center toon and it kills them, it should jump to the next toon, but Its not. So if you kill the toon, no burn to anybody. But if you hit the toon and it doesn’t kill the toon, then that took will have 400 burn, then when the burn kills the toon or you kill the toon with an attack it’ll jump to the next toon. So the issue is that if you kill the toon with the rush, its not jumping to the next toon as it was before.


I was responding to Mysterion’s post, indicating that the burn can stack. Wasn’t able to reproduce that issue. As for the issue where killing a toon isn’t causing the burn to swap to a new target, that was fixed in 11.0, which is currently in public beta.


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