Yumiko confuse not working


For me Yumikos confuse active skill is not working all the time…maybe once in three tries it’s ok but other times the opposing toon that should be confused is not affected at all…why is this happening



opposing toon get confused but confused toons does not attack his/her allies 100% time, its random.



didn’t know that…thanks for the explanation

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In addition to that even if they don’t attack their allies they auto-attack so if your toons get confused while you are attacking, if they don’t attack your team they will attack the opponent automatically so you won’t able use AR or choose target. It means even if they don’t attack their own team you can still avoid an AR with confuse.



Do you see the status on top of their head? If yes, they’re confused, but as @DreamWalker said, it is not guarantee they will attack teammates.



yea i found that there is a fixed 50% chance they will attack their teammates…tnx for the replies it’s clear to me now…

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