Yumiko 6* Mods and How To Understand Mods

Hello Everyone, I am new in this game, and I just got my first 6* star, Yumiko, I am trying to put mods on her. How to make her become maximize? I still learn to understand about mods. And how to know that the toons need a special mods?

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There are two ways to approach mods. One is to use them to boost a character’s strengths, another is to round out their weaknesses. For any six star you have three opportunities to enhance stats - stat modifier slot, wildcard slot and the overall set bonus. So you can boost the stats based on those.

As for the rest, it is based on what you have. I wouldn’t go “burn on attack” as it won’t stack with her rush.

If she is your 1st 6 star you may not have to many mods right now?? If you do go with the heart set for now it won’t really matter what ones cus youl need to do it with others in your team to and change it later if we get a free mod removal day again.