You've done it again $copely


Spend dat monaaay honey! :money_mouth_face: scopely needs some more pancakes for the new years party they will be having swimming in the all the money everyone dumped into this game since SC cause lets be real here they have and are still milking the hell outta most of the players in this game, moooo! :cow: While giving everyone a big :fu:

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Already mentioned this

Look at the odds.

What is it like $80 lol geez and we all know you are getting those bennidicts, $80 for winter shiva or reg shiva if lucky. Still need to spend more for bleed shiva. The rabbit crate is also bad but we all know people are buying this like crazy and this is why scopely will continue to do things like this

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Here, let me help @JB.Scopely out on this with an unofficial response:

“What’s the problem? We don’t see any issues here because players will keep spending regardless. Keep surviving!”

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Lol, pretty much

Not worth it.

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