YouTuber’s influence

K i’m Just a random lol but I think right now the youtubers have got a huge influence on the game. Like i’m a big coiner in a non coiner faction and I think a lot of big coiners left cause of jab’s negativity (sorry jab nothing personal, just saying ) whereas it looks to me like f2p are enjoying the game more and more cause of mama dead heads and lockdown and the likes positivity towards the game, so I guess what i’m saying is we just need a positive YouTube coiner and the game will be back on track.
Would love to hear opinions

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Edit: YouTubers’ influence may sometimes be biased on their viewpoint of the game and the company running it, whether it’s positive or negative. I feel like JAB sometimes is negative and he does have a lot of rant videos after all, but at least he sees the company running this game for what it really is.

Reality is, YouTuber’s influence has little to no effect on the players’ experience in the game.

The reason why spenders are quitting is because Scopely, the company running the game, has wronged them very many times. The reason why some non spenders are enjoying the game is because they are on the same playing field as spenders. However, that doesn’t apply to new regions because 6-stars can be received out of the gate from premier wheel while non spenders in new regions have to work with 3-stars and 4-stars.

A positive spender in this game is a rare sight, and if one becomes a YouTuber, he or she is gonna have a hard time trying to convince others that this game is still worth spending money on.


I prefer JAB personally. I trust his opinions. Nothing to do with coins.


I miss freedysready and 999 gaming


You tube has no influence on whether I spend or not. I make my own decisions . I may gather info first and then decide but no one person besides scopley chased away people. I watch mama dead head and jab. I enjoy both . But I still see how scopley ran the game into the ground by not takin responsibilities for things they may have caused or didn’t stick to their word.

I miss SinCity Steve’s pulls videos. Same with Lowrate Hitman

I doubt there is much correlation between Youtubers and players leaving. Look at their views and number of followers. Most are pretty small relative to the hundreds of thousands of active players.


I agree with you on that I think players leave simply because they are sick of scopleys failure to deliver 99% of the time most of the time it’s those Youtubers actually trying to help us voice are opinions there is absolutely no link between Youtubers and this games in terms of people leaving it


I am in full support of helping building up all youtubers and community members contributing to the community, all I ask is that you don’t violate guidelines in your videos – or it won’t be shared on official channels.

F2P or not – helping the community with tips, tricks, and building their own communities are in full support of me and the team! :slight_smile:

Definitely feel free to share channels you feel need more love and i’ll take a look!


I’m not completely F2p, I do buy the monthly pass. I don’t have any bought characters though, I spent to try for 1 character and didn’t get her. That being said, I am closer to the playing field of the big spenders but not quite there to be honest. Nor will I ever. But if you watch some of my older videos you will see I got to where I am playing everyday, grinding on every event, and being consistent. I put strategy over money (because I’m broke lmao) you’ll even see I had gotten to rank 40ish (before 6 stars) and was still using 4 stars and beating top players. All that being said, in general I’m a positive person. If I hated the game or complained 24/7 about the game, I’m the type of person to just quit as opposed to using my channel to be negative. I wouldn’t want a game to bring down my daily life you know?? I still enjoy the game, and I get hate comments nearly everyday for being positive. So I’m not sure how much influence I have. At the end of the day I hope my videos can help players learn new things or give people smiles. Sorry if that seems cheesy or lame, I just personally want to bring positivity. I don’t mean any disrespect to unhappy people, because the game isn’t perfect, and I have my own issues with the game. I just handle things differently.


Isn’t that the point though, let the f2p catch up , imo it’s gonna benefit the whole community, coiners will always win cause they got more cans but now f2p’s can at least win a battle or two in war if they put up a good def. for me a war is much more fun if it’s a close one then a dominated one, loose or win

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Some youtubers create videos to generate clickbait so you have to be careful. Some have been known to create problems or issues to generate views. This of course does not apply to all of them.


Youtubers should have as much say as anybody else on these forums. Their opinions shouldn’t hold more weight than others though, but that’s up to the individual who reads their posts.


No one misses Nova Cultura :cry:


The funniest one of the bunch! I keep hoping he’ll make more videos.


Scopely seems to favour their influence. Maybe we should all start channels. :slight_smile:

As far as positive/negative I do tend to enjoy lockdown more recently because of that. I have been a fan of JAB since day one I assume. Not sure when he started. He do view his videos as being the p2p and from a def POV. The p2p group appears, to me, to be the most frustrated with the current structure of the game.

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First off let me say I like JAB’s videos, but I am not a heavy youtuber at all. (I’m an adult and it seems YT’s biggest demo is kids)

Perhaps we could have one of those shitbag youtubers like the Jackass rip off Logan Paul do some? He’s hot right now #_#

Your blue neutralise revive Rosita pull video was a better love story than Twilight


There are multiple reasons why spenders quit, although 6*s and how they were handled is a popular one, there are many others. There are also some non spenders quitting for the same reasons below. This isn’t good for the community, it’s making things worse.

The lack of decent rewards for pretty much every tournament the past 6 months (including the tournaments that started giving low amounts of golden nuggets) lead to the conclusion that there’s no point in spending to compete for terrible rewards for many former spenders. Look at this solo level up for example.

The perpetual cycle of dying regions are also making some spenders quit. Some players leave a closed region, some more leave, and even more leave. There’s no one to compete against so the money you spent at that point will be worthless, whether you start over in another region or quit the game entirely. Dade was saved by the dedicated players left in it, but regions these days are dying a lot faster. Haven’t seen much info about Scopely trying to fix that. In fact, their solution to this could be opening new regions instead.

Lastly, Scopely’s general treatment of their customers. This is nothing new, but it seems to have gotten worse as shown by Scopely refusing to credit or refund players who did not receive their guaranteed 5* after doing a 40 pull from the premier wheel. I’ve seen several people quit because of this reason.

So yeah, YouTubers don’t really have an impact on the state of the community. Only a fraction of them consistently watches videos related to this game. You don’t need a content creator to tell you whether this game is good or not, that’s up for you to decide.


Logan Paul, ugh, I’m surprised after the Forest "vlog’ he even still has subs. SMH disgraceful.

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