Youtube shenanigans

This is an ad
I’m confused
Time to meme

you got an ad by some crazies so what ? get over your atheism 101 it’s not 2009. btw we are all ‘gods’.


The only question is. Are you a regressive ?

Inb4 this gets closed

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Nah the ad confuses me for other reasons
Just Well

Meanwhile you say f**k and its demonitised
Presides I’d rather more of theese kind of peeps
They provide like never ending meme juice lol

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i don’t see how it’s a meme. and i love memes. I think they’re just crazy. I did watch a few of their vids. It’s weird.They’re not wrong on everything however. I’ll say that. i wont’ say what they’re right about because i don’t wanna break the rules.

I do study that end time stuff even if i don’t believe. I personally believe mark zuckerburg is the primary candidate for the anti-christ if there is going to be on. Conspiracy theories are fun

if you have line you should hit me up @officialnaruto

Gotta love YouTube content suggestions based on recent viewings


it’s a VR game lol

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Inb4 someone with no profile picture makes a text Wall about how we’re all going to burn in hell while listing 50 different Bible verses

You must not have noticed where you are already. This is not a Christian place lol.

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you’re too cool to be in hell though.

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The internets?

nah man the VR + Internet= Image of the beast (people really think this ) so basically the internet is hell.

Thunder Cro$$ spli1 a11ack

Do not Diss h3vr
That game has the dev we need but the dev we dont deserve