You're kidding me right?


So since you created the fallacy of no duplicates for five star tokens, I have now pulled my third blue Kenny. All three of them after you said there would be no more duplicates. I can’t wait to see what kind of dismissive bullcrap response I get from customer support



They didn’t create the fallacy of no duplicates, you just assumed they did.


Hilarious, bye troll.


They did state in an update around the time ascension was introduced, that they had reconfigured the code to reduce the likelihood of duplicates.


Don’t believe me? Find them saying that duplicates are gone forever. You can’t. We’ve been over this many times. Reduced duplications is not the same as no duplicates.


Three of my last four pulls have been Kenny, so it’s triplicates genius


they are right. my understanding was it just reduced chances on that pull not to get a duplicate. if you do one at a time it has no effect. if you do ten there seems to be a larger variety with very few dupes.


Exactly. “Reduce the likelihood of duplicates” is not the same as no duplicates at all.


It’s not even represented when 75%of my last four characters have been blue Kenny. That’s not a reduced chance at all given the amount of 5 Stars available. So you could Meander around my point all you want and try to dance around using whatever verbage you choose, it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve pulled him three out of the last four times when there is like 50 other five stars available on the same damn wheel


I’ve gotten about 50 Tobin’s and 100 Diego’s so far…


It has no effect on the size of pull as well.


Sucks for you then, but again, you’re wrong to think that “no duplicates ever” was a policy that was enacted.


Use them for ascension , a said no one said you’d never pull duplicates anymore just lower chances got 3 green Dwight’s myself great ascension fodder I’d say


Probably when wheel was updated, likelihood for less duplicates got reset.

When did you pull your first kenny? Maybe the wheel was updated after that, then another update recently and resets with every update.


I’d say 3 Kenny is way better than 3 Caroline :frowning:


i have 3xcarolines aswell all fodder now anyways :triumph:


Of course, law of averages suggests you triplicate pullers must exist. The fact there is only a couple of you probably suggests that the system is working pretty well…


Still amazed that people don’t understand that much what odds and probabilities are.


The dedicated player bonus and the wendygate.


I’ve been pulling duplicates since they reset the wheel, but can’t bitch…all they are is fodder for ascendence