You're getting ridiculous here

If you want your game to be 99% pay to play, just say so. I’m kind of back to my idea that your driving down the player base on purpose for legal reasons though…the alternative, that you want the game to stay open, and you’re just ridiculously bad at running it, doesn’t seem believable.


Shhh lol they get upset when truth is spoken


Bless this post

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Why can’t it be both reasons? Because they are absolutely terrible at running the game and they do want it to be completely p2p as evidenced by the complete lack of any way to earn decent toons on par with the op premieres outside of an extremely lucky pull with earned coins.

If you are primarily a f2p player you might as well forget about being able to compete now. Because the gap between the f2p and the p2p/w is the widest it’s ever been and with each and every new premiere it grows even wider.

Again legal reasons have nothing to do with it. Take a good hard look at the TOS. You do not own your account. They do and they can do whatever they want with it whenever they feel like it and this includes turning off the servers if and when they feel like it.


Legal reasons would include lowering their player base ahead of just closing it to lower their class action liability. Tos or no tos. In the meantime they want to make all the money they can. That would explain what we’re seeing. I would LOVE to be wrong. Complete pay to play such as we see now is equally bad from my perspective. It doesn’t make sense to me, running their game this way.

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good news then you are of every thing here


I got 2 of the 20k coins things from the last event spent all of them for tye and only got 2100 of the collection item. 30 videos a day isnt going to get you a new toon this year

Thanks for affirming my opinions.

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This is still the dumbest rumour around. No scopely doesn’t want to close the game. No you can’t sue scopely if they stopped the game tomorrow.

This game has lasted four years. It’s bound to end. They have newer games as well that are doing well. It’s a huge company. Makes no sense to want players to quit. They open new regions every month or so.


I suggest you set me to ignore then.

You come on here and post one of these types every couple of days… Are you still playing the game? If the answer is yes, then there’s your reason for scopely continuing their ways. These idle threats of players quitting isn’t going to make them stop pumping out P2P content.


Why would they? There are plenty of whales left to be milked :money_mouth_face:


Lol and they make new ones with every region opening. So silly to think they want the game to close. Players spending 2k for Pete. Yea. Let’s close the game :joy::joy::joy:


What’s the point of new regions when we’re locked in one for months, kills my will to play in a dying region


I play a bit, kind of waiting to see if they ever improve. The main reason is my faction friends. Tbh, I have you set on ignore though I sometimes read your stuff anyway. I suggest you do the same.

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Positives and negatives to locked regions. New regions were just getting overran by veterans trying to become a top faction in that region. If they failed, they would try again in the new region. I’m sure it really hurt actual new players. Was an endless cycle. Plus, it allowed hackers in more than they normally would.

Exactly what I figured. Good luck with your crusade about trying to figure out if the company is trying to close a multi million dollar game.


I’m sure if they wanted to close the game it would’ve already happened

My personal tin foil hat theory is their lawyers have told them to reduce the player numbers before doing so. If so, thats the only way to think they’re doing a good job. In the meantime, milk those whales…

I just have a hard, no…impossible time believing they’re running their game for the long run. The number of players is obviously way lower than it used to be, and with some small changes, it wouldn’t have to be.

Or, they’re REALLY smart-challenged.

This is so bizarre maybe you should keep your theories to yourself. This makes no sense at allllllll