Your thoughts on green Garret


i dont think he is going go help us F2p players in anything imo. what do u think :neutral_face:


not impressed and anyone running a garrett led defense will be slaughtered by f2p Miraboobs attack teams


Doubt it now n ya every one has stun resist on the leads


hes free and hes decent so hes fine to me


I eat everything with yellows, well most everything lol


Level up Garret then decide. Previous toons such as yellow Ezekiel have been misjudged as poor, but everybody love Zeke now


Well, his setup is for anti-melee teams so I can put together a mixed trait team that benefits from the leader skill. At the very least, I can finally drop that old bag SBB Tyrese for SR.


Would someone mind posting a picture of him.
Too lazy to go to the database.


Also have we received the prizes already because I have nothing so far?


Still late, still scopely


I’m pretty sure we should receive them by now according to yesterdays thread


Yes, but still… scopely


I hope a new one starts after these rewards I should be at 50 tokens and I haven’t event gotten a 6 star yet all unascended which is pissing me off


Watched pot never boils theory… I’ll stay off app till rewards pop… or they may never haha


Yeah he is, the 100% heal resist is basically a decap for a few turns


The only reason I’m learning to user josh


He and richard can form a solid poor mans decap duo…add some heavy hitting green…imo he will be solid counter for carl teams


His lead skill is anti-melee in theory only imo. Trait advantage yes, but that’s pretty much negated by going in with only a 40% HP buff. Carl teams can tank hard enough as it is even going in with Mira’s 40% atk coupled with her trait advantage over greens, can you imagine how long a raid would last without that? AP boost is nice but ultimately irrelevant as the reduced damage from rushes will render them survivable. And as others have said, a useless defense lead as he offers trait advantage to reds & blues which are naturally lead by MIra

I do like the look of his rush and active however so may try to work him into an Abe-lead attack team or maybe a Carl/Eugene defense, guess we’ll find out how effective he is soon…


Putting him as a lead for an all out stun team.


Can’t see many people who would use Garrett as a defense leader. But then again, I see Barker defenses in my region.