Your SR A-Team?


What’s the SR team you use the most? The one for zombies, humans, and both? The one you bring when no requirements are listed, and the game lets you go nuts? Your A-Team?

Here’s mine:

Lily and Zeke for walkers, Ty and Mira for humans, Tripp for heals and stun cures. Stun on Mira, Double tap on Ty, Crit on Zeke, defense on the 5s. And bonus, as long as leader personas are allowed, Tripp and Lily don’t get locked out

If one of them smoked a cigar like Tank, it’d be perfect


zombies: Zeke, Darlene, Brianna, revive Glenn (just in case), camo Michonne (just in case)

humans: Mira, Erika, guardian Herschel, Ty, Alpha or Carl/Shiva/guardian zeke combo depending on traits.


i just use whatever auto fill provides me cause we cant save sr teams


What is your favorite to use against Blue neutralize TY? I still cringe when I see him.


That A Team, if the rushes are banked and ready. Lily boost, Ty burst kills two, Mira kills the other 3.

If the rushes aren’t banked, it still works well, just have to use Zeke active or Tripp rush to build the rushes

Also helps to have only one red that stuns and takes away their ability to impair when defending. Kind of a gamble, but she can take the punishment… usually


My walker team.

I have Sandy, Rick, and Sophia yellow toons level 80, but use Ben because of his Crit AR.


my walker team is composed of whatever toons auto fill gets me, and OG DARLENE <3

she makes any team magical in the walker levels


Gotta Roll With It!


It drains me of so much life force building a new team every time so i just yolo it until legendary😂


Barker lead, zeke, two Theresa’s, Yvette. Pretty much use this through the entirety of survival road. Teresa’s clean up walkers well with zeke and barker keeping a constant +96 crit