Your "Promises for the Future"

…aren’t going to mean much if everything remains Pay To Play.


Agreed f2p need something

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they did say they are going to try to balance things…

off to a terrible start with the Hina roadmaps. you cant grind, and the opening map doesnt give enough to finish the 2nd map. But! you can buy more, maybe even enough to finish the maps if the ridiculous RNG is favorable.

they say one thing, do another. typical over promise, under deliver that is the Scopely Hallmark.


They literally said they’d be updating the wheels (which are f2p) and they said they’d be giving us 3 legacies. I don’t see where that says P2P anywhere.


Wheels usually cost money. Future Legacy releases remain just words.
Virtually all we have now is Pay To Play, We’ll have to disagree unless I’m missing your point.

The 5 star wheel, weapons wheel, basic tokens, helper tokens, etc?

I see your point but none of those provide a path to advance as a player. My opinion. :slight_smile:

TBf some of the legacy’s you can only get from premier so not everybody will have then it’s not like they do events so f2p can get them if they don’t already

They also said “flaming hot rewards”
I dont think i need to say much more.

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Well they also didn’t listen to their players when this happened so.

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Both Hershel and Maggie I believe are both available from the 5 star wheel. Those are 2 out of the 3 legacies mentioned. There’s also shield Lee who was leaked who is in the 5 star wheel.

What i was saying is, take everything you hear with a grain of salt from scopley, until we see actual change the majority of #pu wont start spending again

This is mainly false. Sure, if you don’t get an ascendable from the 5 star wheel you likely won’t advance. But if you do, depending on who it is which would depend on who they put in, it could very well help you advance. The 4 star weapon wheel could also help you advance.

I always have. But you also need hope now and then.

More than that, they will need to use there reading skills, because listening isnt working.
They have released an op promo and put up another p2p toon in Hina, after #pu was started.
So if your not spending right now, your doing the game a huge favour

We REALLY disagree. Which is fine.

Tell me which part you disagree with and why.

Goodbye. :slight_smile:

Since you refuse to say which part you disagree with, then clearly there’s nothing that helps out your statements. Bye.