Your players want bide and payback scopely

It’s getting ridiculous the amount of bide & payback we’re facing while we don’t even have one piece. Where is Tha balance and challenge you’re talking about? Everyone should have atleast one piece of every op toon. Watch out this game is going to an end :wink:

Ugh how annoying would that be.
Ask for attack toons always.


It’s just about time, don’t make me use my super powers scopely I’m warning you :warning:

You want a free bide toon? If everyone has one do you think that would make it easier to win or harder? Hmmm? Think for two seconds


S-Class payback toon

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Back before Sclass I would have said easier, because I basically never lost to Negan or Elle, only Wayland was annoying because I didn’t have space for a disarm.

Still don’t really get the problem with Bide tbh, but now that I need to deal lots more damage more quickly, Negan has become annoying.

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How come people always ask for free op shit for everyone? Don’t you realize the game will suck that much more when everyone has it?


During the revive/shield meta people cried for more revives and shields to combat it. That only made it worse. Why do people insist on the best way to combat what they struggle with is getting that thing? Why not ask for toons that can beat bide and payback? Do you really want to face every single team with bide and payback?


Yes if I have bide and payback, doc, Zach I won’t bother much, it’s so unfair that others have triples and quadriple of every op toon while others don’t even have 1. Gonna freaking curse this company I swear

Life isn’t fair. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t you think if people are willing to spend they should have something better?

Yes eventually there should be a trickle down and premier toons should eventually be available for F2P access.

But asking for more of something does not make it better when everyone else will have it too.

@ Scopely do not listen to this person. Please never make another bide or payback toon ever again. Also don’t distribute the ones that exist. One of the worst things you’ve ever done.


NOPE!! Nobody, absolutely NOBODY is asking for more Bide and Payback, even more for free!! Only god knows how s**t the game will be with those skills becoming popular for everyone. Is already annoying as hell to face Kapoor on every single defense even if he don’t fix with lead skills because of his OP stats and stun weapon.


Let Bide and Payback go the way of the dodo please.


It’ll be nice if we can get a mechanic that disables specialist skills.

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I just want scopely to fix my bucket, I don’t want everyone to have free stuff, only me


I think it would be better if they had a better counter to payback tbh, rather than giving everyone the toon. Perhaps a certain status effect could nullify payback?

The closest we have is stun

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I agree with op. Release s class premier payback and bide pls

Thats why we have def down tho…

tbh, with priya and crista, those paybacks are not hard at all… add a def down toon and payback is history. I agree those toons do slow down the fight by few turns, but hey thats the perk of p2w vs f2p…

dont think giving f2p payback is the answer. just my 2cp~