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How exciting a new questionnaire about the recent events, I do like to be honest in these but when the questions & phrases like this it’s a complete joke. image

Somethings I took from that survey:
-It was longer than most they give out which you’d assume was the good thing
-They asked about the length of the missions (milestones) which was a big complaint and would have been bigger if they hadn’t had loopholes (which they referred to in the survey)
-They never asked a single question about the tournament prizes and milestone prizes
-They mentioned all the events except from horde. This tells me that they know they screwed so many over with the horde fiasco but don’t want to acknowledge it. This also suggests that they don’t necessarily want to address the fundamental issues of what went wrong but are releasing the survey to give the image that they care. I could be wrong, but that’s what it looks like by not even mentioning hordes or prizes in a reasonably lengthy survey.


I don’t think the surveys are there to make players think they care. I think the surveys are there to attempt to quantify player reaction to the event. They’re huge into analytics at Scopely. I’d be curious myself to see how the survey answers line up with the feedback from other sources. There were plenty of free-response questions where anyone who wanted to mention hordes had the opportunity to do so.


They just throw it into the garbage


nah br0, they huge in analytics, thousands of thousand of people reviewing spending patterns to make sure they give u the best deal ever

they could have spend some time analysing actual activity…
hmm this guy has crappy chars, didn’t buy anything but now has 200k coins and began, Mia, elle, seems legit…

hmmm for some reason people enter battles in glterrorities but never win, they must be just deal

hmmm everyone saying the game is terrible, need more legacy and less promo… let’s give them more promos

I agree, Hordes should not have been left out, yes it was a disaster & im sure they would rather we forget about it. But to leave it off is to ignore the elephant in the event (one of quiet a few). Scope needs to be more up front & hold their hands up when wrong better.

Yeah they sure are great at analysing player reactions.
That’s why we now have #playersunited
And a company that can’t " analyse " what the fk to do about it🙄

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I filled out most of it, then near the end I accidently hit the back button on my phone and lost it all :frowning:

Whenever i see these pop up i just laugh, click the X and move on.

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