Your Harper teams

Hello can guys post your Harper teams :vulcan_salute::muscle:

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posts picture of 900 sombreros


Alice lead, Harper, doctor Stephens, amber, command siddiq

here u go


Certain people have simply too much money to waste on a mobile game. And you are one of those.




Both are turn 3 finish :slight_smile:


Ask Scopely for a decent event and I’ll show you my team.

#WastedSombreros #ScopelysOddsOfBeingHonest0,04%

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nice, how many 8% on those toons?

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Certain people have simply too much time to waste on complaining about a mobile game. And you are one of those.

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Only Leon, kept bleed on Michelle and Shiva. Charlie obviously kept his Taunt too.

Benny teams

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Any team. Mostly 3 turns, bleed and then damage from harpers 50% def debuff is so epic.

Fair point but I have nothing to prove to anyone. My current attack team is the best I have ever had and I dont fear any team. Payback and Mia are easy to navigate and haven’t had any trouble with Pete yet but everything you say is correct on paper.

Disarm, Stun, Taunt, Bleed, debuff and damage and I am on to the next one.

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nice bro thanks a lot now I have some ideas :heart_eyes: what did you make with Harper weapon :sweat_smile:??

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You’re welcome.

For me she is key (disarm, stun and debuff) so I made her as below to keep her alive. She is not a killer or a toon that can do massive damage in her own right…she is a key that unlocks the rest of your toons to end a battle.

Will update her mods in due course but just did HP to boost her even more.

Is this the best?? Probably not but it works for me and I wouldn’t change anything about her (except burn resist mod)

I use her to rock damage all the time. She’s gotten killing blow so many times.