Your guess for the next ascendable 5*

Who do you think it’s going to be? My three guesses are Aaron(most rare), the governor(they just released Lucas and got their money from him, plus Garrett devalues him), or Gator(because he is the most talked about).

  • Aaron
  • Connor
  • Dwight
  • Kal
  • Gator
  • Lori
  • The governor
  • Glenn
  • Eugene

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Kal since most of us don’t have him :neutral_face::expressionless:

Hoping for Glenn or Gov… No gator so screw him, lol. :see_no_evil:

None so :pancakes::pancakes:

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It’s gator I saw a picture of his model

That’s why I was thinking Aaron, I think he is the rarest out of the remaining characters.

That would suck :joy::joy::joy: but not too bad cause he is pretty rare

Hoping For Governor! :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

Or Gator as a curveball lol

Could you send it into here then?

I think it’s Glenn. If he’s not the next
they making a big mistake, because he’s
the most wished character.

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Dwight and Connor are also rare I would guess. I managed to get the Aaron from the level up rewards he was in a while back.

They’re not renowned for making us happy are they! :joy:

They had tons of promos for Dwight, made him an event reward etc. I think Aaron was only available in that level up. That said, Dwight promos were ages ago

A very long time ago lol




Why does everyone do this crap without screenshots? Like no one will believe you

He’s likely talking about this teaser

But again all information comes from that thread. We better get the Scooby-Doo gang on it.


Which is a little sad.

I think it’ll be the Gov, just because they released Garret a day before. Can you imagine the riots here on the forum if they released the Gov, then a couple of days later Garret?

Yeah. Keep an eye out, wink-wink… or would it be blink-blink?

And Lucas, a very similar toon directly before that.

Honestly it doesn’t really matter if it gov or glenn
Gov as neutrilise and the only other 6* to have neutrilise is viktor while viktor is reltively decent and the better version of beta lol he’s premier lol amd gov is a reltively nice atking character whis gonna come might handy when burn gets to be more common
Same for Glenn while his rush is meh he is a command and a 6* command is reltively sought after I tbh do think some 5* like heath well perform better than him on atk on defense Glenn. Wel be better because he brings six star stats I well say doe if he was 58 to 66ap rush I would use him other heath simply because in that’s range you can make a fast buffer and being able to get a buff turn 2 with a 6* team is awesome and helpful af*

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