Your greed sickens me

@JB.Scopely I love how you guys didn’t have a second hordes event for the broken Lucille’s we needed. Then to slap us in the face you charge us a $1 extra for the broken Lucille’s over the bandages and the masks. It’s such a dirty thing Todo to people. Did you think we wouldn’t notice it? This is why we have to be #playersunited because of stingy stuff like this.


I don’t think jb is at all responsible for the lack of a second horde event or any scheduling, nor is he a developer, nor is he is charge of pricing in-app purchases. He does try to advocate for us players, as I understand he is also a player. Hate the company, not the messenger.


I don’t think he’s saying it is him. He’s just letting him know, being the player contact to those others.


Scopely is scummy, but it’s not jb’s fault. If anything, I pity him, since he has to deal with all the hate when scopely screws up.


First of all, I admit they messed up… but this post makes no sense to me, what so ever!!
Why didn’t you created this topic upon receiving the 40 free Lucilles a couple of days ago?!
I know it was a low one from Scopely, and maybe they did it on purpose, but in all fairness, it could have been done if most people would have bought the 2 cans on a weekly basis. I didn’t wanted to use them all just in 1 event, just to complete the milestones, but hey! At least they tried, I guess…


No friend@Bogdan the game was crashing during the event.I have many cans and couldn’t use them.

My friend, the game crashed for everybody, including me, but it only crashed when going against some certain players. If you tried going in game, after, and attacking the same opponent, it would have worked.
That’s how I did.

Don’t get me wrong the lack of broken lucille’s here really left most of us players at a huge disadvantage, but I was happen not to have to do another hordes event.

Id got the crashes too, and after the reset, it worked the 2nd time, but ddnt they give out the 1250 coins as compensation for this? They weren’t “free” per say

Nope. They gave the refills for that, the 40 Lucilles for the missing second Hordes event, and the coins were given in good fate.

I see , it was a gesture, but a few years late imo, how many times have we complained about fixing bugs and now they finally are doing something, lets hope the next few months spells many fixes in the game to bring back enjoyment rather than another promo changing the meta

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In the whole event, only 24 hours were dedicated to hordes. I had to attack and flee to be able to complete 132 as I was going to a wedding, I was able to reach the milestone, many others were not that lucky because they weren’t able to be on for a decent amount of time over the day due to RL.


You dont need #PlayersUnited.
You just need to quit this game :wink:

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Or because hordes crashed and locked them out for the rest of the day.

Rest of the Pathways event in my case. I got nothing.

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Thats nothing…my second account had the last milestone missing…it simply wasnt there…80,000 was the last on screen…

Can anyone tell me why i didnt have the 100k milestone…,?

Profits first, players never.

Shamplay’s moto, we will make them pay.

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I did the same thing, consuming all my cans stash.
I’m not saying Scopely’s rehabilitated… I’m just saying we should take the free stuff, give them time to see if they respect the promises, and in the meanwhile we should try to “keep on surviving”…

I totally agree. But I was just commenting, at first, at the reason behind this topic, which I find hypocritical.

That wasted energy tho so not cool.

No it didn’t!!!
You clicked on attack, the game crashed, but after reentering the game, you had the same amount of energy. Not like on that territory glitch…

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