Your Favorite Event?

It’s that time again… poll time! Several have complained of how stale the game has gotten, which event still brightens your day? Select all that apply!

  • Solo Level Up
  • Faction Level Up
  • Solo Raid
  • Faction Raid
  • Solo Survival Road
  • Faction Road
  • Cross Region War
  • All Out War
  • None, I prefer the social aspect
  • None at all

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Not wanting anybody to “take it to the team,” just wondering what events you still look forward to. Are there any?

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Fac events are horrible for rewards compared to solo events but thats done on purpose cause ya know, gotta put in work for the faction.

Level ups are exhausting, i get it, i dont need to do every level up and hit every milestone but with these events as of late, yes, yes i do need to do level up events and hit milestones.

SR is ok except for needing to hit it every 2 hours

Raids are ok except for the 24 hour fac raid events to get us to burn cans and with leagues more cans have been needed in events to promote/maintain rank. (At least for me as i guess some have had easy leagues lol)

Aow is good except for fighting the same 2 or 3 facs over and over

Crw is the best but rewards need to be scaled better as we have 8 regions fighting

No love for onslaught as it was just a bad event lol they could add milestones at least and they are tripping on the price of coins needed for energy to attack again but onslaughts not all that bad imo

Still waiting for cross region level up :face_vomiting:


Onslaught? Lol, already forgot all about that. Mods don’t make an event like Onslaught much better, Scopes screwed the pooch on that one.

I think i got like 2 gold mods from those lol i did it mainly for leagues but yea thats why we dont see that event cause scopely failed to make profit off it, it could be a good event and we really need more events like 2 or 3 more events cause right now its stale

My favorite event was year one anniversary.
You could grind away for more. I got green dwight and blue ty. A fac mate got 4 toons.
Best event by far.

CRW and it ain’t even close.

Gotta be solo LU, everytime it starts, it gives me time to take a break from the game.


WhErE’s OnSlAuGhT?¿


everyone knows everyones favorite is the solo level up. why else would scopes give us one every other day?

Would of said blitz but it wasn’t there

War is obviously the reason most play but second to war got to be levelups for me raids and SR drag!

I used to prefer faction levelups but reward system kinda stale nowdays

Solo level up and CRW what did u expect they’re the only ones that bring gr8 prizes

Onslaught is gross man no one like it

Which is why I typed it like that…

Blitz war.

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best event was the one where we had to work as a region to get milestones like 100k zombies

another good one was the roadmaps which was trait sepcific, we had to work together as a fac

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Same Blitz War all day long, just raise the milestones to 100k and it’s perfect

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Blitz war only.


Don’t forget onslaught, territory events, scavenger building events, roadmaps, collections, regional milestone competitions, cross-regional milestone competitions, and faction assault events.

My favorites are story roadmaps with unique characters at the end of them. Those were fun.

My favorite event would be this game shutting down once and for all.