Your Faction assault tickets #

I’d like you to post your faction assault tickets. I’m curious to see who grinds and who doesn’tScreenshot_2018-01-01-21-36-00

Top 3: 49, 47, 44k.

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We have a region craft fac so when we leave to craft it resets the count

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Just hit 50k today :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Thank you very much beta you’re right

Walking Dead_2018-01-02-10-14-42

Just hit 40k this morning

52K here

I guess compared to some of you guys I’m not grinding enough

You need to grind more. You barely crack the top 15 in my faction.

60k, 51k, 48k for top 3 in my faction

Yeah I can see that there’s some heavy active’s around. I didn’t think that I was doing that bad but I guess I’m behind

Almost 45k

Very nice my faction mate is in the 40 thousands as well I’ve been always trying to catch him but he grinds more

You’re doing great. I would think a welcome addition to any faction. If you were hoping to see that you’re a top grinder well… :wink:

Kicked in the balls
Very nice work twd players