Your current 6* AR levels

Would be interesting to see your current AR levels for 6*s.
See how badly in need of AR trainers we all are.

I’m sure many get Lilith drops on the world map but I do not.
So SR Supply Depot and Events is my only source.
Scav missions too.

Full - Mirabelle, Negan, Abe, Victor, Jeremiah, Yumiko,

9/10 - Erika, Shiva, Barker, Siddeq, Carl

8/10 - Rick

3/10 - Eziekel

1/10 - Joshua, Tyrease, Shane, Wyatt

A lot of ARs levels…
Bottom 4 are pretty much benched main team wise due to AR issues.

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Lol you ascended shane


I still have 5* Shane.

Knew I’d get some grief…but I’d like to see other people situations.
I think Scopley should aswell and help solve the problem without turning it to greed.

Yeah, they definitely trashed him into current meta “balancing”, he should be changed to 6* Shame lol. Also no they won’t, greed all the way.

Carl shiva shiva wyatt maxed
Zeke boobs yumi 1/10
11 Aden/Liliths

Actives are worse, nothing over 5/8

None of mine are over 4 because finding the lilliths and ulysses seem impossible.

Mind you I have given up farming.

Are any of you using the Scavenger Missions that increase AR by 1 for your 6*s? The 2 of them come up about twice a month for me so I have been using them when I can.

Shiva max, zeke max, carl max

…that’s about it for my collection of 6*

AR: 7/10
Active: 2/8

AR: Max
Active: Max

AR: 6/10
Active: Max

AR: 6/10
Active: 4/8

Active: 1/8

Dont think i’m doing bad, but Lilith/Aden/Ulysess are definitely hard to come by

Max: Carl, Mira, Mira, Zeke, Negan
Siddiq 9
Glenn 2
I have 6 Liliths waiting for a better 6*.
I have 15 Ulysses and 7 trait specific that I haven’t needed yet

Carl, Madison, Miraboobs, Tyreese, Ezekiel, G Negan, Siddiq all maxed
Y Negan, Glenn, Dwight all 4/10
Definitely not enough Trainers available f2p imo.
I held back rolling for Erika last night just because of the lack of them. Scopley must be losing money because of this fact.
One trainer here or there for milestones rewards just isn’t enough. And the SP cost in the depots is far to much. And yes I’m using the Ridiculous 5 day scavenger mission. And I can’t remember the last time I got a Aden from a war chest. :-1:

I don’t use the mission because I don’t want to be without my 6* for that long. Maybe when I get a few more…

The hunt for Aden’s & Lilith’s is real…

Yellow Neg: 10/10
Shiva: 10/10
Sandy: 10/10
Joshua: 10/10
Xmas Mich: 10/10
Abe: 10/10
Alpha: 10/10
Lucas : 10/10
Tye: 10/10
Jeremiah: 10/10
Erika: 10/10
Gov: 10/10
Andrea: 10/10
Mira: 10/10
Wyatt: 10/10
Wyatt (2nd): 10/10
Carl: 10/10
Garrett: 8/10
Shiva (2nd): 7/10
Yellow Neg (2nd): 1/10
Green Neg: 1/10
Glenn: 1/10
Zeke: 1/10

Thank you for investing in game.


2 yellow Negans and Lucas :joy:






Scopely are working on a 41 trainer offer as we speak, for the low low price of… 2 kidneys.


You said it pal :+1:

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I had no idea that it would work for 6*s so haven’t tried. Thanks for that.