Your 5* arena teams (just for fun)

So for the upcoming arena feature, post your 5* teams just for fun:)


I will try this teams for off and deff, now show your teams :slight_smile:



I have a lot of chars, maybe i’ll post em here (?

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Mariana is one of my absolute fav toons… I use her with my 6* teams sometimes, beast her up with mods and weapon with a double guardian next to her, she s awesome

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i think ill try those teams

Reintroduction of 5 stars means only one thing…i get to pull my one turn team off the shelf and decimate everyone!!!

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Good luck with five stun guns…



Still think me team of 5 2 star Gerald’s will dominate.

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I’ll play along

Waiting for those to post pictures of maxed out Lee, Hershel, Magna, and Maggie 5 stars that were leaked.

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Eh that team kinda sucks. Way to get creative

Don’t care if it sucks or not. The fact remains that some people will use it.

I don’t think anyone would use that team. I would use 6 stars lol

If it’s 5 stars only how would you use 6 stars?

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Just make a team normally? Duh :clown_face:

My question remains.

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I just answered it :flushed::clown_face:

You answered falsely.

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Ok then let me ask you. Who would you put on your 6 star team???