You want whales to spend? Give them a reason

All irrelevant since they just released 7stars :joy:

Gg scopes

Here’s an idea for you scopely, make F2P toons decent
Now here me out
Every whale can already raid everyone, but many f2p cant raid whales. Why should a whale buy every promo if he can already raid everyone? He shouldn’t, thus more and more OP promos are being released to try and get whales to bite, but perhaps they arent biting as much?
Solution: make f2p toons strong, so whales have a harder time raiding and defending against us.
Whales will be like ”wtf? I need better toons” and will pull more promos! In this scenario f2p can actually enjoy the game and whales keep pulling!

Tldr; give f2p good toons and whales will drain their f%cking wallets to stay ahead


Inb4 scope trolls come knockin’

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I don’t think whales buy toons because they want to defend f2p. Whales buy toons to defend against each other.


You’re both right. A strong F2P = more spending, but from middle spenders, not whales


Stronger f2p = whales spending to defend f2p

You think whales haven’t been buying the promos :joy::joy::joy::joy:. They have been. And f2p haven’t gotten any strong toons. Soooo that’s out the window.

Ok thanks for your opinions babe

Facts are not opinions.

I saw a video of a defense team made up of 5 Mias… someone is still spending. :woman_shrugging:

The fact is that not every whale has been buying the promos look at the daily income rankings, and the fact is that making f2p stronger would make more whales spend more

We are all aware that many idiots still spend their money on promos, but that is not the point of this thread

That just means more whales retired over the years. And they haven’t produced more. Trust me. There are double negan, double mia, double Elle toons everywhere.

Whales buy toons even when they don’t plan on using them. Someone admitted as much when Zander came out

I think Scopely should make better f2p toons, but it isn’t going to change a whale’s spending whether they do or don’t.

Yea. As someone wrote above. Better f2p toons might make the light-medium spenders happy and get them to spend a bit more. Instead of buying 3-4 good attack toons, they might only need to buy one.

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That’s twice in the last hour you’ve quoted me and forgot my name :cry: lol


Oops. I skim “read” and miss stuff. Went back and threw out a like. Lol. Where else did I do it?

So, after all their crapola of the recent time there are still plenty of gullible :sheep: who pump loads of money into this?

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that was me!

picked up 2 ravens and an olivia last night. get paid tonight so new promo here we come baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i do not understand why it is bad to spend a little if you are having fun :man_shrugging:


Spending a little is like spending 60$ a year on xbox game pass and getting hundreds of fully developed games to play

Compared to spending 500$ for a constant .2% chance at a hundred pixels

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