You’ve been challended! (See your fights live) better raid review!

Hey guys,

I got an idea…
What if we (once we are in game and someone starts to raid us) could get an notification that someone is trying to raid us, and then we could see that live, see how the team performs ?

That could be nice!?



or at least get to see replays


Would be cool to watch… But sounds like bugs waiting to happen

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I really like the idea of a turn based raid… you match similar to war and have a live turn based raid. Not sure how to decide who goes first…? Rng scopes loves that sht… or 2 matches and outcome decided my lowest turn in case of a draw… well I like it…

No need for wasting more data resources. The game already drains the battery like crazy during war. My suggestions is, just a better chart with more informations about how the raid has turnd out.


Or PvP live raids. You want raid and searching for online player who also want raid. It would be much more Interesting than current raids :thinking:

Closest we thing we get now is to have a teammate record duels. Its actually quite helpful in seeing if your team is working as intended.

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I think it would be better to have a game feature where when you enter it you become available to raid and be raided actively.
Eg. Player A has challenged you…accept? …if yes then you enter the battle against your opponent…live

Issue is battles are only local to the device.

They aren’t fighting in the server. Just downloading data then initiating the battle on the device. Once complete sends the results to the server.

It could be recreated from a log but I’m not sure they store or want to store all that data.

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Recreation of any raids visual record wise without using up countless amount of memory or needing more severs just for this feature plus space on your phone/table for video play like ads personal to you.
because there’s hundreds of raids each during a raid journey alone.
Then in a replay any other way come down to rng the A.I and we know that would not fight like a player who attacked your team and vise versa ur def team.
Or a live stream service for this but again this goes into creating a new feature just to watch a YouTube feature in game.

The display like we get from duels would be a great improvement in post raids well at least better that what we have now.


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