You strategy should change

How to say that.

Your game seems dying. In fact, from the players point of view, your (Scopely) decisions means leaving of players (and so money), which drive you to take worst decision to the game, means players leaving the game.

It is time to wake up and restore something good in that game, do you think that ?

Example :

  • war can drops is awfull
  • F2P vs P2P comparison is awfull
  • Toons drop is awfull (excepting always some players, probably to boost other to buy…)
  • Prince into the game is awfull
  • Everything into the game is based on ods.
  • Ads are limited,
  • the game not evoluting anymore
  • The game is unsecured, plenty of glitch
  • probably plenty of other things to say.

Please revise you strategy…


Why do you think they care? In game industry this is common.

Make something small. If people like it and brings money, evolve it. In this case if it brings a lot of money in short period of time, there is no need to invest more money into the game (from the companys’ side). As long as there are still players who spend a lot, the game will exist. If money income stop, they simply stop the game.

The game have already paid their effort so they can move on to something else. Don’t expect anything good from now on. This game is for newcomers that will get into the trap to make microtransactions.

Survivors club was a way for company to see if they have any steady income, they could keep the game. Otherwise shut it down.



  1. that’s shameful if true… But likely from their lack of investment in game development
  2. that’s incorrect as while new people periodically appear and burn up the prestige ranks, its extremely rare… It’s those consistent spenders and competitive whales that are keeping the cash flow rolling.
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Scopely does not care. The forum people may see it as dying, but the game has so many more active players in it.


You must be new here. Welcome.


Hasn’t the game been “dying” for the past 2-3 years?


Either you’re living or you’re dying.

They’re just bleeding badly
(Players, interest, & credibility… But not money, definately not money)

That’s a very deep thing to say


What is awfull?

Is it less bad than awfulllllll but more bad than awful?

I was thinking the same thing. Prince into the game would be awesome!!!

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Just see what they really do with their product and you will notice that it’s not “necessery” to develop any further. And we know that cause:

  • After 3 years town is still not fully open.
  • Unfixed bugs all the time, but new characters intoduced almost twice a week.
  • No security fixes at all.
  • Support is rediculous.

I do agree that whales keep the game alive, but you know what impact they have in scopes pockets? I’m sure they loose a few thausands per month if just 1 quits. So this player must be replaced with a few hundreds that spent at least 20-50$ per month.

Ever wondered why new regions opening all the time while old ones have low activity?
Did you noticed that rewards are made for new players. Old ones can finish pretty easy #1 but for new ones it’s a challenge and they have to spend.

There are many other things to point new players’ good treatment. I can assure you, i have opened 15 more regions with my account just to test my theories and they are 80% true.

The rate of new regions has slowed to a crawl. 1 every 3-4 months.
They have 130+ regions… 20-30 or so with high activity

Again, they’re on the record that the Avg player spend is $125/month. Since a F2P player obviously isn’t adding to that, nor the low activity players… That really pushes that whale number much higher.

Their business opportunity is keeping their core base engaged and not tuning out. If too many retirements happen, even if not paying, it puts even their hooked whales in jeopardy.

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