You should've seen S Class coming. - An In-Depth Analysis

Let me try to explain this in the best way possible.
With Scopely’s design structure, they’re eventually going to run out of toons to make, (Such as a Huge AP + Attack leader for every trait)
Because there is no actual balance to the game’s characters like most other games, some characters are just really good, some just are not good. And that’s a fundemental flaw with how Scopely has always ran their game.

Now, Scopely have made a genuinely good game here, everything in the base game is structured quite well for the most part (Town building, world stages, combat mechanics, etc.)
But the biggest problem with the game is character balancing, Scopely simply dropped way too many characters who did way too much at a time.

And there is your problem with this game, Scopely could very, very easily drag out the longevity of the game by simply releasing characters who are powerful situationally.
However, they did not do this. A prime example is 6 Star Zachary. A character who’s entitled a support character yet is an attacker in every sense of the word. He’s not a situational character, in fact. None of the good characters in this game are.

So what’s to do about this?
Scopely in their next big reset need to think about how they design their characters, they can be extremely powerful, but that power needs to be a situational one, we saw this type of character structure with early 6 stars, characters that were good at some things, while bad at others. There needs to be some type of balance there, you can’t have characters that do too much, because not only will you end up with a line up of absolutely worthless characters, you will also reach the end of the line for character sets much sooner. And that’s exactly what happened, Scopely made characters that simply did too much, and as such. Needed to make the power jump.

And that’s that. Hopefully this isn’t a slog read for you, but if you want a long story short:
On the next clean slate Scopely does, characters NEED to be structured to be situational.


One last thing, I’ve been meaning to do a review of the game’s mechanics and how they work so well, but Scopely have messed them up, I’ll do it eventually if people want it.

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Hmmm, where is the cliffnotes version! :joy:


That’s a nice gif of yourself.
Why don’t you actually read it? It’s a criticism of Scopely, don’t you like that?


Can you tell me what’s wrong with it?

Why does it matter to you what forums people think about it, didnt you call forums members trash on discord recently without any provocation. Now all of a sudden their opinions matter. :rofl:

On a serious note, pretty meh and slog of a read :unamused:
others have already talked about this subject matter earlier and presented it better.


I don’t recall anyone saying that toons should be designed to be merely situational
Or the issue of Scopely eventually running out of combinations if they cover too many basis on 1 character

Plenty of posts in the last 3 months. :roll_eyes:

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I’ve never seen any, sure they’re complaining about power creep, but I don’t think they addressed the issues I pointed out, I could very well be wrong though, I just know you have a habit of memeing on my posts.

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Thats a gross assumption, how dare ya! :imp:
i take it as a personal attack

you are :grinning:

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Why do you feel the need to be an a$$ for no reason? Grow up smh


this is a good read and point that you make. Shame that they probably wont do anything at all about it because thats just how scopes is sadly :frowning:


In case you missed

Yeah, usually games with a structure like this make all of the characters situational, Scopely making characters the way they do almost feels troll-ish at times, with how well the rest of the game is structured this is shocking.

Obviously this game (and many others similar in nature) relies heavily on power scaling and the only way they will see progressive interest is when new more powerful characters are released. When power creep is slow and steady through a linear progression over time the game potential is maximized.The problem here is these massive jumps in power, causing the power to start curving exponentially. Initially on release, S class toons had far more subdued stats but still way OP for the time. That being said, lesser powered 6* toons with niche abilities could still be used quite well as counters and competition was still possible. Now with this crazy buff to S class toons, it’s the equivalent to going up against 6* with a roster of 4*s. Take into account power scaling with lead skill/weapons It’s an order of magnitude increase in power from even the most recent promos, meaning everything is made irrelevant in one fell swoop.

No amount of arena rings on our old roster can compensate for sheer raw power of the new S* toons. Now factor in that Priya enters the S class tier under a massive paywall, with a rediculously good rush, then you can see this exponential curve in power officially marks the endpoint of the game.

Any game structured like this can still “drag out” its lifespan if power creeps are extremely slow and it takes a while to fill in all character roles before moving onto the next creep, Scopely however has jumped the shark one too many times and will lose many customers because of it, I myself used to spend avidly but now I’ve not bought anything in the game for a few weeks now, only buying SC in the past month even. So they’re going to lose cash if they don’t manage creeps well enough.

Hey @Aeris, you made some good points here.

TLDR. End of six star era exactly the same as end of five star era.

The issue lies that the company make characters to make money. If they don’t hit targets i.e. Jessie before buff, then they either are not made or get buffed in some way to meet these sales figures presumably.

I figure that the pace of release demands scopes put on themselves and I’m guessing a redistribution of staff to games like star trek have meant they design characters to sell, rather than what will fit balance wise. The whole balance design went out the moment they stopped making unique war prize toons imo.

They had a great opportunity to blend six stars with five stars back when six stars were first released. I enjoyed using Mirabelle lead with revive Rosita, baby Carl etc. Then I guess they realised if hybrid teams were still viable, six stars wouldn’t sell well. Cue massive stat boost for six stars. Entire rosters relegated useless overnight. Two years of play to build to that point done and dusted.

Now here we are again at the same point in time, just at the twilight of the six star era. Painted into a corner with op promos. Pete is released. Great toon but the potential for a hybrid team with s class and six stars. This won’t bode well for sales. Cue massive stat boost. Hmmm deja vu anyone?


You cannot do a legit in-depth analysis or review of game mechanics without proper access to the game data and servers. Otherwise this will just turn out as a nice review of a player and his/her experience.

Fixed it for you.

This is incorrect.